Four-pointed Star Pattern Published

I’m more than a little excited! I’ve officially published my first paper piecing pattern! I decided that the little four-pointed star I designed as an element for my Delight in the Little Things art quilt would be a great spot to start in my attempts to learn the ways of Inkscape.
cropped-2014-02-05-15-35-212.jpgYou can find the pattern in my Craftsy Pattern Store. Since my original pattern is for a scant 4″ square, I included larger options in the pattern. Those two dollars and fifty cents not only will get you the 4″ paper piecing pattern template, it will also get you a 6″ and 12″ version. Sweet deal!
What’s even slightly more exciting is that I’ve already had one buyer! Little does that buyer know, but she will be receiving a little “Congratulations! You’re my first buyer” gift in the mail.

Be Kind Chocolates

These are delicious chocolates made locally in the town of Belfast, Maine. I can vouch for their deliciousness! Yummm! Hopefully she enjoys the chocolates while creating some awesome starry project. I can’t wait to see what others create with my patterns!

7 thoughts on “Four-pointed Star Pattern Published”

    1. Thank you so much! It was my first art quilt, my first quilt made of 1″ squares, and my first self-designed paper piecing pattern… but not my last of any of those! I am loving quilting. There seems to be a never ending stream of styles to try and things to learn. So much fun!


  1. What a wonderful surprise to receive these chocolates in the mail today! You have made my day! Thank you so much! The four pointed star was perfect for the Universe quilt I made for week four of Project Quilting. When I typed “paper pieced star” in Craftsy yours came right up and was the perfect size. I ended up using the small 4 inch version for my project. You can check out my quilt here:

    Now I have a cool new blog to follow along with a great star pattern! Thanks again!!


    1. Oh yay! You are very welcome! I absolutely love your quilt! Maybe I really do need to watch Dr. Who. I watched as a kid, but haven’t watched any of the newer ones… I’m looking forward to following your blog, too!


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