Shot cottons and fabric stash addition

Stash Building: Shot Cottons and more!

One of the best parts about taking on a new quilt challenge is the fabric shopping that ensues. Since I’ve officially joined the Supernova Friendship Swap partnering with Laura from Adventures of a Quilting Diva, and we finally decided on our color plan and background fabric, I had to do a little fabric shopping.

Shot cottons and fabric stash addition

fabric stash additionSince I was shopping online so that Laura and I could be sure that we were getting the same exact background fabric, I ordered a few more prints to bring the total to >$50 (free shipping from QuiltHome!).

I ordered mostly half-yards, and 2.5 yards of our background fabric, since the pattern calls for 2 yards and I wanted a bit left for another project-in-the-works. Here’s what I bought:

Pretty Potent-Candy Fabric by Anna Maria Horner
Pretty Potent-Outloud Fabric by Anna Maria Horner
Edges in Sky by Laura Gunn
Acacia-Honey Fabric by Tula Pink
and some Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons in:

shot cottons
Gorgeous stack of Kaffe Fassett shot cottons.

We chose Kaffe Fassett’s Granite shot cotton as our background, after debating between various shades and textures of gray.  As you can see (the third one up in the stack is the granite) it is very purple! Yet somehow, with our jewel tone color choice, we both think the greyish purple shot cotton will be awesome! Everyone uses gray as a background. We’re going to push the envelope a bit. I’m nervous and excited all at once.

I plan to incorporate some of the Anna Maria Horner, Laura Gunn & Tula Pink fabrics into the Supernova blocks, too. The other shot cottons will be made into place mats as I test the Canvas quilt pattern by Leanne at She Can Quilt. I’m excited to use these awesome shot cottons for such a simple and elegant pattern.

Radiant Orchid Color study with the Canvas pattern by Leanne at She Can Quilt.
Radiant Orchid Color study with the Canvas pattern by Leanne at She Can Quilt.

The shot cottons are all they’re made out to be. The colors are so dynamic and deeply rich; they just beg to be touched. I have a feeling these will not be the last shot cottons to enter my stash.

I’m linking up with Molli’s Sunday Stash.

Molli Sparkles


What’s new (or what do you want to be new) in your stash?

11 thoughts on “Stash Building: Shot Cottons and more!”

  1. Gorgeous! I’m so excited about this quilt. Planning to do my fabric shopping tonight. Wonder what else I’ll find…

    As far as new in my stash goes, I added some lovely Provençal prints to my collection at Road to California in January.


  2. It all looks good. I’m in love with that AMH line but I’m resisting since I just bought her Dowry line when it was finally restocked. Have fun with the swap -it sounds like fun.


  3. I absolutely love working with shot cotton and the colours you have chosen are just beautiful – can’t wait to see the end result.


  4. Ooh – I love the colors you chose! I’m doing the swap, too, but with a very different palette. Yours is gorgeous, Kitty! Can’t wait to see the finish. I’m stopping by after seeing you on the NQB Google group map – had to say hi to a fellow Maine quilter : )


    1. Looks gorgeous. I haven’t been pulled in yet by shot cottons despite Oakshott being at Fat Quarterly retreat in London. Maybe I should try them.


  5. I haven’t tried shot cottons yet, but they look so beautiful! I love the purple-grey as a background. Great choice. I made a mini to test the Canvas pattern and I love how it turned out. I still haven’t quilted it yet, but I hope to get to that soon


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