Stash Building: Fabric Shoppe Winnings

I don’t always enter giveaways on Instagram since I don’t want my feed to be swamped with reposts, but every once in a while there’s one so gorgeous that I just can’t help but enter. A couple weeks ago, I reposted, tagged, and followed @fabricshoppejody in the hopes of winning this lovely Carried Away bundle. And I actually won! Carried Away was designed by Zoe Ingram for Robert Kaufman Fabrics and features some of my favorite colors, not to mention feathers!

IG Fabric Shoppe GiveawayThus, my fabric stash grew a little bit last week when the lovely bundle arrived in the mail. Thank you so much to Jody from the Fabric Shoppe for this awesome giveaway, and for adding the very first feather fabric to my stash–I know, hard to believe I haven’t bought any feather fabric yet!

This weekend, we finally had a somewhat sunny day on which I attempted to capture its beauty.

carried away bundle from fabric shoppe jody

Of course I had my usual helpers around, and my son wanted to be in the thick of the action more than usual.

Max helping

carried away bundle from fabric shoppe jody

carried away bundle from fabric shoppe jody

carried away bundle from fabric shoppe jody

I just love the feather prints and I’m trying to decide what to make out of this bundle. I’m dreaming of finally attempting a Sew Together Bag, but I’m also terrified. Four zippers?! How many pockets?! A BAG!? I’ve only really attempted quilts and one extremely basic, somewhat flimsy shoulder bag. We shall see. Either way, I’m super excited to add this bundle to my slowly growing stash.

What would you make with this bundle?

I’ll leave you with one last photo of my little helper, since he’s awfully cute. Then again, I’m biased.

My helpful little builder.
My helpful little builder.

7 thoughts on “Stash Building: Fabric Shoppe Winnings”

  1. I think he’s awfully cute, and I’m not so biased. 😀 What a great giveaway win — and you can totally do 4 zippers!!! Its not like you have to do them all at the same time, one at a time is perfectly acceptable. 😛


  2. Gorgeous fabric and an even cuter child!
    Bags aren’t that difficult and zippers are fine – just go step by step. That would be gorgeous!


  3. I haven’t made the sew together bag yet but I have my plans…and I think your new bundle would make a great bag. I’ve heard folks mention breaking needles on the sew together bag, so I’m going to use a strong needle (maybe size 16)!


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