pink and grey baby plus quilt top finish

Friday Finish: Pink & Grey Baby Plus Quilt

It’s been a productive sewing week, and with another chunk of uninterrupted sewing time today, I was able to complete the Pink & Grey Baby Plus Quilt I’ve been wanting to finish! I definitely will incorporate more solids into the mix the next time I make a plus quilt, but I am very happy with how this quilt turned out.

pink and grey baby plus quilt top finish

My adventures photographing the quilt top were a reminder as to why I really need to buy some washi tape! Blue painters tape does the trick, but doesn’t really add to the aesthetic. Blue bits aside, here are some photographs of my finished flimsy:

pink and grey baby plus quilt top finish

I was inspired by Michelle Bartholomew’s quilt photography, especially for her Barn Door Quilt, for this photo shoot locale. My quilt is hanging on the side of our shed, which is not exactly a barn, but the “X” door complements the plus quilt so well, the math geek in me just couldn’t resist. I think the grey in the shed also brings out the grey in the quilt. It was a match that was just waiting to happen.

pink and grey baby plus quilt top finish
I love when seams match perfectly!

pink and grey baby plus quilt top finishNow that the quilt top is complete, it’s all set to go to Stephanie & Michelle in Austin for some longarm quilting. Once Stephanie is finished working her magic, this quilt will be posted for sale in our Late Night Baby Etsy shop. It will be my first contribution, so I’m excited to finally get it finished.

pink and grey baby plus quilt top finish

I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday & TGIFF.


11 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Pink & Grey Baby Plus Quilt”

  1. The classic combination of pink and grey fabrics work very well in your quilt top. I can see why you want to introduce more solid fabrics, it really makes the plus design stand out, as does the very dark fabric. I like the way you have photographed the quilt top, very artistic.


  2. I love this quilt! When I saw it on IG on my phone I thought some of that gray fabric was green. (my phone tends to oversaturate colors) Either way, it’s fabulous. It has that kind of fade-in, fade-out, quality that I love in scrappy quilts.

    And I love your photography. For my next finish, I’m going to do a barn photo shoot. Believe it or not, there’s a lovely vintage barn a block or two from my home. (It’s my dream to one day buy it and repurpose it into a dream quilt studio!)


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