folksy fall fabric mosaic #1

Folksy Fall: A Fabric Mosaic Contest

Folksy Fall by Rachel
Folksy Fall by Rachel

Rachel at Stitched in Color invites you to join a Fabric Mosaic contest sponsored by Intrepid Thread. I first heard about this contest on Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl‘s blog, and was immediately hooked. I love playing with color and when that color is in the form of gorgeous fabric, with the chance to earn a complete fat quarter set of your mosaic fabrics, plus have the Intrepid Thread create a bundle like yours available for others to buy, I just couldn’t resist. The contest instructions say:

Carefully craft your mosaic of 12 fabrics from among the offerings at The Intrepid Thread.  Choose fabrics to express your interpretation of Folksy Fall.  Your collection of fabrics can be pretty, funky, dramatic or totally playful.  Just make sure to include a variety of colors complimented by some rich fall neutrals – browns, grays or navy blue.

Visit Rachel’s post Folksy Fall {a mosaic contest} for more details on how to enter. Yvonne warned that creating these mosaics is a total time suck–and she’s right! I wish the mosaic maker tool would allow you to drag and move fabrics around while looking at the mosaic, instead of having to go back and cut and paste urls. But it was worth the fun! One tip if you plan to make a mosaic to submit is to keep each individual fabric page open in a different tab. This way, you have links to your fabrics ready when your mosaic is done (thanks to Jennifer for the tip!). I did not do this, which means that once my mosaics were completed to my liking, I had to search through the Intrepid Thread website again to try to track down the names of the fabrics I had chosen. Double the fun, right?! Without further ado, here are my fabric mosaics:

Folksy Fall #1
folksy fall fabric mosaic #1
Fabrics from left to right, top to bottom: 1. Handcrafted – Petal in Eggplant, 2. Indelible – Doiland Gloss in Plum, 3. Blueprint Basics – Fuschia, 4. Cherie – Les Points in Rose, 5. Brambleberry Ridge – Flight in Orchid, 6. Hatbox Lawn – Hatbox in Navy, 7. Color Me Happy – Sprouts in Teal and Navy, 8. Emma’s Garden – Afflutter in Aqua, 9. Chromatics – Pointelle in Navy, 10. Wildwood- Midnight Flora in Navy, 11. Meadow – Savanna Glow in Golden, 12. Field Day – X & + in Night 2

I really wanted to incorporate navy blue into these collections, since it’s a color I rarely use but is such a strong, solid color reminiscent of the night sky closing in early during fall. The word “folksy” elicits images of bright colors and playful shapes. Add the splash of goldenrod for fall, and this collection is juuust right. To me, it reminds me of a folksy fall party, bright colors and shapes dancing and crafting long into the autumn night.

Folksy Fall #2
folksy fall fabric bundle #2
Fabrics from left to right, top to bottom: 1. Arcadia – Sun Spot and Bee in Aqua, 2. Hatbox Canvas – All The States in Navy, 3. Rustique – Yes Dear in Navy, 4. Kona Solid – Limelight, 5. Arcadia – Mushroom March in Aqua, 6. Brambleberry Ridge – Timber Valley in Teal Metallic, 7. Sun Prints – X & + in Chartreuse, 8. Astrid – Lena in Chartreuse, 9. Rustique – Leaf Press in Teal, 10. Handcrafted – Geese in Lichen, 11. Mint to Be – Celebration in Orange, 12. Quill – Gratitude in Persimmon

Again, beginning with a foundation of navy blue, this palette grew and blossomed with colors I rarely use. Lime green and orange make a star showing in this collection, anchored by navy blue and teal. I love the way the lime green plays with the teal and navy blue, and was astounded that there was not a single lime green and orange print (time to design fabric, perhaps?). This fabric collection reminds me again of harvest time, gathering the last green and orange fruits (squash, pumpkins, etc) by the harvest moon. The final autumn harvest definitely warrants a folksy fall celebration!

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