Color Inspiration Thursday {28}

Today I am taking a trip down memory lane for our color inspiration. I admit, I was waiting for the perfect frosty morning to take photos for today’s color inspiration and the day simply did not come; it was cooooold but no gorgeous frost. So, I headed to my photo archives and found a few suitable seasonal nature photos from a family camping trip in November of 2010. My husband and I took our baby Maddie camping in a yurt in Jefferson, Maine, and had a lovely time. Here are some snapshots. Color palettes are made using Play Crafts’ Palette Builder 2.1 and my own photographs, as per usual!

see the world in a drop of water color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
O.D. Green, Sky, Iron, Steel, Evergreen, Palm

See the world in a drop of water. I love the smooth grey-green of this palette, and the reflections dancing in the raindrops.

drip drop leaf brown color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Coal, Sable, Black, Medium Grey, O.D. Green, Titanium

Another raindrop photo; can you tell I like to take photographs of water showing off its awesome surface tension tricks? This palette holds all of the muted earthy tones found in mud. Mmmm!

colorful yurt color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Chestnut, Black, Slate, Ochre, Paprika, Mahogany

A warm and cheery scene from inside the yurt. My husband holds my peacefully sleeping daughter during nap time, and our hunter-beware clothing dries above the wood stove. This was a cozy camping trip for sure! I like the range of colors in this palette, and I think they play well together.

slime mold color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Moss, Black, Caramel, Spice, Gold, Cinnamon

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
5013 –Asphalt
2692 – Black
2930 – Toast
2385 – Terracotta
2930 – Toast
4012 – Copper Brown

I love this palette. I don’t think I will tire of the bright pop of fungi growing on a tree. The flow from black-greeny-grey to the range of coppery yellows and reds creates such a smooth aesthetic. This might be my favorite palette from this group.

night time lantern fun

Just one more photo to complete my trip down memory lane: my husband and daughter enjoying an awed experience with the lantern at night. I can’t believe this baby girl is almost 5 years old! We definitely will need to think about another yurt camping trip, maybe this winter!

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