matching rainbow thread

Rainbow Thread Eye Candy

I have a confession to make: I’ve never made a quilt for an immediate family member. There, I said it. Yes, I have two kids and another on the way. Yet, I’ve never made a baby quilt for one of my own babes let alone myself or my husband. Well, that’s finally about to change! I’ve been working on a Rainbow Jelly Roll quilt for my daughter Maddie since early July of last year (as seen HERE and HERE), but it always seems to get shoved to the back burner behind projects for other babies, baby showers, and other family members. Finally, on Maddie’s birthday right before Christmas, we laid out the quilt and matched some threads to help psyche myself up for quilting and hopefully finishing her very first quilt.

matching rainbow thread

I decided that I wanted to quilt this with simple seam-echoing straight lines in coordinating thread, but that would require a rainbow gradient of thread (awww, darn! I have to buy a spectrum of Aurifil!?). I had a couple of spools of organic cotton Scanfil and one 50wt spool of Aurifil that already matched, so I went onto the Hawthorne Threads site and ordered the supplementary colors. I opted for 40wt since I had never tried them before and the website said they were good for machine quilting. I figured a little bit thicker than 50wt wouldn’t hurt, so these 40wt beauties were added to my stash.

rainbow aurifil thread

I’ve since then started and almost finished quilting this Rainbow Jellyroll Quilt, so I think my eye candy photo shoot worked! Here are some more gorgeous photos from my photo shoot with my adorable five year old, her rainbow jellyroll quilt, and the matching Aurifil thread.

matching rainbow thread

matching rainbow thread
Most of the time, Maddie had fun giving me a smile for these photos.

I think she may have been a bit bored during some of it, though! LOL!

matching rainbow thread
Bored Maddie

I seriously love Aurifil thread. It shines, has never broken once, and doesn’t fuzz up my machine NEARLY as much as other hand-me-down threads I use upon occasion. I’m excited to be slowly growing my supply of Aurifil.

rainbow aurifil thread gradient

rainbow thread gradient

It’s a bit of a motley crew, but I think the resulting quilting is going to be gorgeous!!

Here’s an Instagram selfie I posted while quilting. It’s my first-ever quilting selfie! See!? I’m making progress!

quilting IG selfie

I’m linking up with Molli’s Sunday Stash and Lee’s WiP Wednesday. Building my stash to move a work in progress forward a bit more is always fun!

17 thoughts on “Rainbow Thread Eye Candy”

  1. As always your photography is beautiful, and the eye candy of the rainbow goodness is just so fun! 🙂 It does appear you found a great way to get excited about finishing up this quilt – I bet it is going to be well loved.


  2. I know how you feel… I started a quilt for my daughter when she was 18 months old and she got it for Christmas when she was 3 years an 3 months old! LOL! An it wasn’t even a full quilt, just a lap size. Thank goodness our children are patient!

    It will be lovely!


  3. I think that smile says it all! Nothing like rainbow thread to go with a rainbow quilt 🙂 Can’t wait to see this one finished up. . . I’m probably not as anxious as your daughter though 😉


  4. Your pictures are great, especially the ones of your daughter with her eventually-to-be-quilt fabric and thread. I am planning a supply buying spree in the US next month, and will have to put Aurifil on my list.


  5. Yes, I know what you mean … I’ve mostly made quilts for people outside my family too! That’s changing this year .. I’m doing a rainbow quilt too (but for my hubby) and have been gathering fabric for my girl’s-quilts-to-be 🙂 That’s a lovely collection of Aurifil you’re getting there!


  6. Love the expressions you’ve captured in the photo shoot.. I’m a big fan of aurifil thread too. Only have 1 or 2 40wt. One day I’ll buy one of those box sets! Masdrop have an offer on them at the moment that might be of interest!


  7. What fun photos!! I’d go with the 40wt, too, in this instance. It’s strength is great when we choose quilting that’s not dense, especially for something that will be used and hauled around. Such pretty colors. 🙂


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