pink cotton and steel mustangs fabric bundle

Stash Building: Happy Mail!

I made it to the post office yesterday five minutes before they closed. Five minutes! It’s a good thing I did, too, because our mailbox has been out of commission due to height and volume of snow, so I had quite a stack of happy mail to pick up. (Including a little something something for a giveaway on Monday… yes, you really want to come back on Monday. Trust me. wink wink)

Anyway, happy mail:

Mariners Compass Fat Quarter Back Sneak

First up was my Fat Quarter Back Sneak purchase from Mariner’s Compass during Superbowl weekend. I’m not much into football and didn’t even watch the game, but I certainly couldn’t resist 10 fat quarters for $15! It’s my first Cotton + Steel bundle: the pink Mustangs by Melody Miller and some Basics.

pink cotton and steel mustangs fabric bundle

pink cotton and steel mustangs fabric bundleWhile I’m really not a fan of the actual Mustangs (please don’t tar and feather me!), I love the arrows and really love the basics in pinks and shades of grey. Mariner’s Compass even threw in an extra fat quarter. I guess they were feeling especially generous since the Patriots won. Mariner’s Compass is a quilt shop in Bath, Maine. I met Amanda, the owner of Mariner’s Compass and organizer of the Maine Quilt Shop hop last April during the shop hop. It felt great to support a Maine LQS while also building my stash in an epic way.

I also received my winnings from the #FabricForward event on Instagram: a charm pack of Storybook by Kate & Birdie Paper Co. for Moda. Thank you so much to @simplybekah for this #happymail! (Since the giveaway event was entirely on Instagram, I felt the need to write all of that in @ # IG style. Right? Right.)

moda storybook charm pack

It looks like such a darling collection, and perfect for a baby quilt. I love looking at stacks of fabric, don’t you?

moda storybook charm pack

moda storybook charm packWhat are some of your go-to charm pack quilt patterns? I’m a newbie at using precuts, so I’d love to add some to my arsenal.

I’m linking up with Molli’s Sunday Stash, since he’s “in the future” in Oz so I can link up even in the wee hours of the morn here in Maine, USA.

6 thoughts on “Stash Building: Happy Mail!”

  1. What?! 10 FQs for 15$? What a steal… the fact that it’s Cotton & Steel just makes it even better. I don’t make many charm pack quilts, but Charm Pack Cherry (free download from FQ Shop) is quite nice. Where you only have one pack, you’ll have to do a little adapting, but it’s not too onerous!

    Psst… I agree fully on the mustangs. Don’t care for the lions either! 🙂


  2. Love the pinks – not usually my favourite colour but the shades are lovely. Not crazy about the mustangs but if I liked every bolt of material I would be bankrupt! Love Mariner’s Compass in Bath. It is a lovely town and I have to say that I tried to plan my trips from Halifax to Boston (my daughter went to university there) so that they occurred on a day/time they were open. Even better when no one else was with me – sighing as I spent minutes sorry hours fondling the fabric and dithering between the various choices. People who don’t like fabric can’t appreciate the time it takes to really figure out what matches… There is also a really good restaurant across from the Hampton Inn where I saw folks eat the largest lobster ever… Just want to say how much I love your blog.


  3. There was a game? 🙂 For charm packs, I’m always stumped by the number of options, then I decide I don’t like any of them and go with something improv-y. You could do something where you piece them in rows by color, then add sashing in between the rows. With such cute prints, I’d hate to cut some of them any smaller.


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