alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow

Stash Building: Sun Prints

Before heading to QuiltCon, I promised myself I wasn’t going to go crazy with buying tons of fabric and notions, etc. Truly, I stuck to my word–probably more because I simply didn’t have time to browse the vendors as much as I would have liked, but still! The one fabric line that was on my list of “definitely buy” was Alison Glass’s new Sun Prints. I am signed up for the Alison Glass Mini Quilt Swap, so really, I needed to buy some anyway. However, in my mad dash through the vendor booths on Saturday afternoon, I discovered that many booths were getting cleared out. When I arrived at Pile O’ Fabric‘s booth, they had only ONE bundle left of Sun Prints Mercury and Grove, the two that were on my must-buy list. I was planning on seeking out fat eight bundles, but these were, um…. half yard bundles. Close? I bought both, my only non-food purchases the entire trip.

alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow
Grove on top, Mercury on bottom: Half yard bundles of Alison Glass’s newest Sunprints from Pile O’ Fabric.

I love how this gorgeous pile of fabric has a Pile O’ Fabric tag on it. What a great name for a fabric store!

I’ve had my eye on the new Sun Prints since they were released for preorder. The saturated, bright colors and tone on tone nature of this fabric line falls right into the “Kitty must have it loves it” category. I admit I did hesitate before buying both half yard bundles, since it’s the largest one-time fabric purchase I’ve made to date (yes, I’m that frugal when it comes to buying fabric). I KNOW that these fabrics will be loved and used, though, so carpe diem, right?

alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow
Mercury: Alison Glass Sun Prints 2015
alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow
Grove: Alison Glass Sun Prints 2015

With all these gorgeous colors, I had to arrange them in a rainbow for some serious photo shoot yumminess. Mercury, meet Grove. Feast your eyes on these beauties!

alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow

alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow

I had my usual helper during this photo shoot, and I will be astounded the day he doesn’t want to “help” by being right smack dab in the middle of the photos. As per usual during our sunny day playroom photo shoots, Max took turns taking photos and posing in the photos. In my opinion (and I’m sure in Grandma’s opinion, too), his cute mug just makes the photos that much more perfect.

alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow

alison glass sun prints fabric rainbowI seriously love this kid!

And I love the rainbow gorgeousness of these fabrics. Here, I’ll take you for a little stroll down Rainbow Way:

alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow

alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow

alison glass sun prints fabric rainbow

Now that these lovelies are officially part of my stash, I just have to figure out the perfect pattern to make for my mini partner. And then decide what to make with the leftovers!

What pattern would you use to let these gorgeous colors shine?

I’m linking up with Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash, since if he can be a bit late, I can, too! Tuesday, Sunday… eh, it’s close enough!

9 thoughts on “Stash Building: Sun Prints”

  1. I LURVE these fabrics! I caved too!! I bought a fat quarter bundle of Grove, Mercury AND Ink. . . I have no idea what I am going to do with them yet but I love petting them! Best splurge I have made in a long time. I was thinking a bolt of each would be good 😀

    Max’s mug really does make the photo shoot that much more perfect!


  2. Kitty the fabric companies should hire you to promote their products – nothing like a rainbow to make me hope for spring (another storm tomorrow!) My suggestion is playing with the pattern from Cheryl Arkinson’s class in zig zags but using colour to define each line and dividing with navy. I love your helper. I knew my oldest Sarah had been in quilt stores too frequently when we were in the basement and I was sewing and she said – “you be the lady in the store sewing in the window and I will help you pick fabric.”


  3. This is the EXACT fabric statsh that I have been drooling over since QM… and I added it to my stash too! Last night was a flurry of rainbow hexies for me (of course freezer paper ; ) )

    Somehow I think about the Cotton & Steel diamond rainbow quilt that was in Alexia Abeggs’s booth at QM. Whatever project you pick, these fabrics will make it a fun project!

    P.S. I have a curly blond hair, brown-eyed helper too!


  4. How about PileoFabrics Technicolour galaxy for a pattern? They are gorgeous – glad you didn’t miss out and you will find a home for them in a quilt or two no problem!


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