amy garro icy waters quilt

Color Inspiration Thursday {39}

Walking around the vendor booths at QuiltCon, there was such a delightful array of color. Color everywhere, as fabric, quilts, notions, signs, or quilts. As I said earlier, I took a surprisingly small number of photographs, but I still have a few colorful ones to share. Color palettes are created using Play Crafts’ Palette Builder 2.1 and my photographs.

aurifil color palette

Corresponding solids from left to right:
Bella Dark Teal, Bella Turquoise, Kona Bahama Blue, Bella Shocking Pink, Bella Bunny Hill Pink, Bella Home Town Sky

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
4182 – Med Turquoise
4093 – Jade
1148 – Lt Jade
2215 – Peach
2314 – Beige
2600 – Dove

The Aurifil booth did not disappoint when it comes to color. With this gorgeous display of colorful large spools of Aurifil thread, I had to stop and take a gabillion photos. I am wishing I had a tripod and another 20 minutes, but even with a few quick hold-my-breath-to-steady photos, I was able to get one suitable clear one. That front and center turquoise variegated thread is one I’ve had my eye on for quite some time but haven’t yet used. I think I may have to remedy that soon. Gorgeous colors of this, my favorite silky smooth thread! The palette reminds me of the beach, for some reason. The summery feel is much appreciated this time of year!

amy garro quilt color palette

Corresponding solids from left to right:
Bella Stone, Bella Sea, Bella Glacier, Bella Sapphire, Kona Regal, Kona Nautical

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
5011 – Rope Beige
4140 – Wedgewood
5008 – Sugar Paper
1248 – Grey Blue
2581 – Dk Dusty Grape
2785 – V Dk Navy

This palette is created from one of my top favorite quilts at the show, Icy Waters by Amy Garro. The color palette includes a gorgeous range of blues, which could be part of why I am so drawn to this quilt. Icy Waters is from Amy’s new book, Paper Pieced Modern*, which I really can’t wait to get my hands on. I am quite drawn to paper piecing but also to modern style, and Amy’s patterns are SUCH a fabulous melding of the two. I discovered her book during the book release blog hop, and was lucky enough to meet and have dinner with Amy while in Austin. Not only is she a fabulous designer, she’s sweet and fun to hang out with, too.

To share a somewhat unrelated side story from QuiltCon, after an evening of getting appetizers and drinks (for the non preggo ones in attendance) in a typical dimly lit and loud wine bar, Amy did something that really showed what a sincere and thoughtful person she is. As some of you know, I’m severely hard of hearing, so do best face to face where I can “read” lips. In a dark, loud restaurant in a group setting, it is a challenge for me to catch conversation, so I jump in where I can and just deal with missing out on the bulk of conversation. This particular evening, Stephanie was with us, so she took the time to fill me in with a bit of ASL signing here and there so that I could better participate in the conversation. As we were parting ways and hugging as old friends who just met do, Amy signed “Good to meet you” as she said farewell. My response? “Did you just SIGN to me!?” I learned that she had learned sign language quite a number of years ago, but still remembered some. It may seem like a tiny insubstantial thing, but it really stuck with me and made me appreciate my quilty friends more. So yeah, I like Amy 🙂

I will share more reflections about the quilts at QuiltCon in a future post, but Amy’s fabulous Icy Waters is a great example of the innovative, aesthetically flowing, modern quilts that hung in the show. There is SO much talent out there!


* Note: Amazon affiliate link included.



6 thoughts on “Color Inspiration Thursday {39}”

  1. I love your palettes this week, and knowing your love of teal makes the first one so much more special now. What a goodbye from Amy; I can sign the alphabet… mostly (I think). 😉


  2. I love your colour palettes. The first one is all my fav colours- I am a teal lover too. The second one is does exactly what it is supposed to do- makes me feel cold! LOL
    What a nice gesture from Amy! I really appreciate such people who care about the other people and their special needs. In your case, it was such an unexpected thing which makes it even more special..


  3. I tried Aurifil a few months ago and got hooked. It is wonderful thread that is just beautiful to use. The photo of the thread is so beautiful and makes me think of Spring (which just seems a million miles away though we move to Daylight Savings time this weekend so it will be brighter in the evening. I am making a candle rug for a swap and though I started in winter/dark colours I switched to bright yellow, pink and green with fabric that has small frogs. I am so over winter. I completely understand issues of hearing – my husband is deaf and wears hearing aids. He can’t participate in group conversations unless he can see a face. And the background noise can drown out what little he hears. He also gets frustrated when I tell him that I told him something – but he really didn’t hear it.


  4. How did I miss that quilt?! Its beautiful. I love how you match the Aurifil threads to your pallets as well. Such a great resource and wow… They have great threads!


  5. Even though I don’t have hearing problems, I can very much relate to conversations being challenging at restaurants, parties, and such. If I am at some event here where it is loud and lots of people are talking over each other or at the same time, then it is really difficult for me to focus on a singular German conversation. I have to really concentrate on what the person is saying and translate it in my head, but I miss a lot simply becuase of the volume. I really appreaciate when someone takes the time talk to me in English.

    At the church that I attended in North Carolina, I really enjoyed watching the ladies who would sign at the front of the chruch. When a song is being signed it is somehow more powerful combining the visual element with the music.

    Love the colors!



  6. In my high school there were a handful of deaf students, so there was also a teacher who worked with them quite a bit, though she wasn’t deaf herself. Somehow a couple of my friends and I ended up hanging out in her classroom a few lunch hours a week. They all taught us some sign language, the process of which the deaf students found hilarious as we made many, many mistakes! The only things I remember now are the alphabet and the beginning of Cookie Monster’s song “C is for Cookie.” I’m not quite sure why we learned that one, though 🙂


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