fabric pull for hazel hedgehog baby quilt

April Goal {ALYoF}

When I first decided to participate in this year’s A Lovely Year of Finishes (ALYoF), I sketched out a general plan of projects and works in progress for the year. April, being my birthday month, was designated “selfish sewing month” and I had planned to work on–or finish!–the quilt I am making just for me. But lo, as life goes, other projects have due dates and take precedence over selfish sewing. My sister-in-law is expecting her first child, a daughter, and her baby shower is at the end of April. This bumps her baby quilt to the top of the pile. So far, all I’ve done is pull fabrics from my stash to begin planning this quilt.

fabric pull for hazel hedgehog baby quiltI’m planning to make a baby quilt using a giant pink Hazel Hedgehog with a teal background. My sister-in-law is all about pink… I mean ALL about pink… so the pink heavy Hazel will be perfect for her.
Since I have yet to even begin this project, I’m hoping to finish just the quilt top by the end of April. I’m taking it easy on myself for a change, with a hopefully easily attainable goal. She isn’t due until June, so I’m thinking a quilt top will be an acceptable gift to present at her shower, and quilting and finishing should be attainable before my baby joins us sometime in May, or maybe June.

fabric pull for hazel hedgehog baby quiltI haven’t fully decided on pink placement for this quilt yet. I’m torn between using the light pink as the face, the grey as the body, and then a brighter pink (or combination of brighter pinks) for the hair OR using the light pink for the face, the darker pink solid for the body and an even darker pink (maybe the bottom one, or perhaps a mix of the middle two pinks) for the hair.

fabric pull for hazel hedgehog baby quiltI like the look of the grey mixed in, but I’m not sure if that’s just my style preferences leaking in, or if it really would look better with the grey body. If you haven’t seen a Hazel Hedgehog, here are a lot of great examples made during Angie at Gnome Angel’s Hazel Hedgehog Quilt Along held last month. While the Quilt Along has ended, there is a ton of great inspiration there! What would you do with your pink Hazel?


I’m linking up with the April Goal Setting Party with ALYoF, and with Monday Makers.

14 thoughts on “April Goal {ALYoF}”

  1. I think having a gray face and body would keep it from being too saccarhine, and also let the pinks really shine. Of course, I’d throw yellow in there too, since that seems to be the only way I can deal with pink. 😀 Taking it easy on yourself sounds like a good plan!!!!


  2. I definitely vote for the dark gray body, light grey face and then a rainbow of pink “hair” colors. I love that you will be using teal as a background, too! This will be beautiful, Kitty. 🙂


  3. I agree, grey will keep the quilt from being too overwhelmingly sweet, will show off the pinks, and moderate between pinks and teals. I love the hedgehogs. Sometime I will have to make a hedgehog quilt!


  4. Love the idea of Hazel Hedgehog. I think I am with the others who suggest grey to keep it from becoming overwhelming. But then I think you can go mad with a bright pink (flowery) hair – are you only doing one hedgehog – or could you do multiple versions. I also think the grey should be lighter and a nice dark black eyes and nose. This quilt (like your others) will rock.


  5. Hmm that’s a tough decision because I think either will look great! The grey could be nice to give your eye. Resting place in all the color, but then I might do a completely pink Hazel with a grey background. Whatever you choose is going to be lovely, and your sister is going to love it. 🙂


  6. Lovin’ that fabric pull… even though I don’t typically go for pinks. I think I’d go light for the face of dear little Hazel and make her spines mediums and darks… love that aqua you’ve got going too! I hope you schedule yourself another month of selfish sewing… you can’t miss out on that!


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