giant pink hazel hedgehog and kids for scale

Hazel Hedgehog Progress

The giant version of Elizabeth Hartman’s Hazel the Hedgehog pattern goes together quickly! I thought that it might, but I’m pleasantly surprised by exactly how quickly I was able to get this adorable pinkalicious hedgehog together. I cut the fabric for this project on Monday, and after only two short nights of sewing (a total of just under 3 hours), Hazel is complete!

hazel hedgehog progressShe finishes at 24″x27″ since I have not yet put the borders on. She’s huge! Here are a few photos of Hazel with my kiddos for scale. Don’t mind my sword-bearing super hero son; he’s harmless, really!

giant pink hazel hedgehog and kids for scale

giant pink hazel hedgehog and kids for scale

I want to use a single giant hazel, but have the baby quilt finish a bit larger than the 34″x37″ baby quilt version in the pattern. Since I’ve pieced Hazel so quickly, of course my brain immediately came up with a lovely idea of how to make it super adorable (and not as quick to finish).

sketchbook plans for hazel layout
Glimpse into my sketchbook.

Originally, I was planning to add borders to have Hazel in the bottom right of a 48″x52″ baby quilt, with simple negative space/background around her. Easy peasy. There is actually a good chance I could have the quilt entirely finished by the baby shower on Sunday if this plan is chosen. Then, as I was sketching it out to calculate how big the borders should be, I thought an appliquéd heart in the top left would be a cute touch, which then progressed to a pieced speech bubble heart. How adorable would that be, though!? This is how my brain works, folks. If something is easy, I will immediately find a too-cute-to-ignore way to make it more complex (but awesome).

What would you do? Stick with the original, adorable, but super simple and easily completable-ahead-of-schedule plan? or try out the speech bubble heart idea? Only time will tell which I will choose!

I’m linking up with Work in Progress Wednesday hosted by Lee at Freshly Pieced .


23 thoughts on “Hazel Hedgehog Progress”

  1. I do the same thing, I come up with awesome ideas that really just add to my timeline but I really hope you find the time for the bubble. It’s brilliant and if I were in the same position I would regret not pushing to do the bubble cause realistically I’d never come back and re-make it with that alteration. Good luck girl!


  2. You were so right to make her all pink! She’s gorgeous! I think the speech bubble would be adorable, and you could just applique it if you’re looking to make it a little faster.


  3. I too vote for the heart-speech bubble. If I were the recipient I’d rather have an IOU top at the shower with th bubble than a finished quilt without.

    I too can always find a longer way to finish something.


  4. darling. love the twists and turns our projects make. that is where the adventure begins. forge on



  5. It’s so cute!! Everyone is voting for the speech bubble, and it is rely darling, but I think if you wanted to, a simple border would look classy and lovely as well. It’s win-win


  6. O my goodness…Hazel is cute!!! I had no idea the large version of Elizabeth’s pattern was really that big.

    I think either way you finish up the quilt it will be beautiful, but I’m partial to the speech bubble!


  7. I love her and I really don’t love pink. Such a nice contrast with the blue. And the speech bubble is brilliant. Go for it. Even if you baste the heart on!.


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