AG Prismatic Medallion flimsy with matching aurifil thread

Alison Glass Prismatic Medallion Flimsy Finish

Choosing fabrics for the Prismatic Medallion mini quilt pattern has been hands down the most difficult part of the entire process. As you read in my last progress post for this project, I have been humming and hawing over fabric choice and placement for the last few sections of the quilt for about a month. Finally, this past week, I bit the bullet, made the decision, and finished sewing together the quilt top. Verdict: I LOVE it!

prismatic medallion flimsy finish and matching aurifil threadI realized that I didn’t take a single photo of the flimsy without the matching Aurifil thread on top, so I apologize! Then again, I don’t really apologize, since how gorgeous is that thread circle paired with the quilt top!?

Ultimately, I opted to add some Carolyn Friedlander Architextures Crosshatch in Tangerine to balance out the yellow-orange section, and swapped out some of the more saturated magenta/red Alison Glass Sun Prints for her Feathers in Dahlia, and added in a pinky-orange Sketch section to finalize the magenta-red section. I’m really happy with the outcome.

While photographing this mini, I realized that when viewed from different perspectives, the entire look of the quilt changes. Here is the exact same photo from above, just taken upside-down (or right-side-up?):

prismatic medallion flimsy finish and matching aurifil threadHere they are side by side, with a wide white border so that you can view each individually.

AG Prismatic Medallion compare

Is it just me, or do they look completely different depending on what side you call the top? For this reason, I think I will hold off on attaching a hanging sleeve to this mini before mailing it off to my Alison Glass Mini Quilt Swap partner. That way, while it means they will need to handle hanging “hardware”, they can decide what aesthetic view they prefer.

AG Prismatic Medallion compare

AG Prismatic Medallion compare
Aurifil fairy circle

As you can see, I had a lot of fun going through my Aurifil thread stash to find matching thread. My penchant for rainbows paid off, since I had an exact match for most of the colors, and a reasonable match for the remaining one or two.

I decided on a prismatic-style quilting pattern, in lieu of the basic “echo quilting the seams” and I’m silly excited about it. I actually finished quilting this yesterday (shhh don’t tell), but haven’t buried any of the threads or tackled binding yet. The full finish will have to wait, but I’m getting close!

It feels good to have finally made the fabric choice decision and have this mini quilt on the fast track to “finished”. I’m also doubly excited now that I have enough fabric half-rectangle-triangles to make a duplicate of this mini. That’s a definite plus to the Prismatic Medallion pattern–two quilts with one cutting bout!

I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday and TGIFF.



16 thoughts on “Alison Glass Prismatic Medallion Flimsy Finish”

  1. Beautiful, Kitty. Your fabric swaps were just right; I love how it came together. And I totally agree that you should hold off on hanging hardware – it is so different from each perspective!


  2. Really beautiful work – and perfect fabric selection too Kitty! The two shots together remind me of Sunrise and Sunset. The Aurifil thread spools just add to the beauty.


  3. That’s an interesting observation about which side is “up”… somehow I would have the tendency to put the yellow at the top. I don’t know why. Well, it looks like you were able to get the center to lie flat, despite not trimming all your little tails. Wow, burying threads sounds like quite a task to me, but it could be a nice couch project. Two thumbs up on this… your partner will love it!


  4. Oh it’s really beautiful! And I think I too would automatically put yellow at the top – perhaps it’s something to do with our eyes naturally looking for the lightest bit to be nearest the sun?!


  5. Ack… all those pics of the flimsy with matching threads are making me just so danged happy! Hopefully I’ll soon be playing the thread matching game with my colour wheel project. I can’t help but notice that you’re an exclusive Aurifil user. Tell me all about that…


  6. Love those fabrics – the swaps were perfect and you have a great eye for colour – and we need colour. Still snowy here – my backyard has quite a bit and spring hasn’t sent her bounty to brighten things so the aurafil colours would be black, grey, snirt (love that word from one of your readers), brown and old dog poo. Hope you can get yours made too! (I remember you cut double).


  7. Wow – your medallion looks great! I am impressed by your thread collection! I never seem to have the right color and end up purchasing more thread! Love the Alison Glass fabrics!


  8. It’s beautiful! Which way is up really does make a big difference to how it looks…I prefer the yellow on top, I think 😉 Just a thought for the “hanging hardware” – I sent off a quilt a while back with the fast triangles in all four corners. That way the recipient could hang it whichever way they wanted, but it was all ready to be hung. The triangles are really quick to make, so putting the extra two on didn’t add much time for me.


  9. I completely agree! It looks rather different from different views. I had to scroll back and forth between your first two photos just to make sure that what I was seeing was the same quilt. I bet the quilting looks lovely. I can’t wait to see the finished product.


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