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Pinkalicious Hazel Hedgehog Baby Quilt Finish

No, I have not yet had my baby. I know I’m getting into the window where I should just automatically say, “Here, visit this site:” and be done with it. He will come when he’s ready. I’m thinking I’m ready now, so whenever he’s ready, I’m game!

In the meantime, I can share some of my finishes with you! In these past few weeks, I have been nesting in all sorts of ways, trying to wrap up big projects before our home is graced with the presence of a newborn. One of my big finishes was the Pinkalicious Hazel Hedgehog Baby Quilt I made for my sister-in-law’s first baby, Reagan. She’s due June 14th but is actually showing more progress toward that end than I am! I am excited that I finished her quilt before baby time.

finished pinkalicious hazel hedgehog baby quilt relief quilted name in heartAs you’ve seen in a previous post, I used matchstick quilting to relief quilt the baby’s name into the heart. I used Aurifil 50wt variegated Bubblegum-3660 to match the background fabric, since I wanted the name to be subtle.

hazel quilt detailI opted for an all-over flower and swirl free motion quilting (FMQ) pattern in the background, using 50 wt Aurifil 2600 – Dove. I used matching 40wt thread (Aurifil 1100 – Red Plum) to quilt a similar but more linear flower/daisy chain type pattern in her hair. For Hazel’s face and body, I used 40 wt Aurifil 2423 – Baby Pink with a more subtle, outlining features approach with my walking foot. I’m super happy with how all of the quilting turned out!

folded hazel hedgehog pink baby quiltI love the look of this quilt folded, since turquoise and magenta trimmed with black is SO aesthetically appealing to me. (One day, I really will finish this quilt for myself so that I can enjoy this color combination daily.)

folded quilt in the rainy grassI bound the quilt with Architextures Words in Black (Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman Fabrics). My thought is that the black frames the quilt really well, and the white words will help it hide dust and dirt much better than a solid black would.

machine binding close upI bound the quilt using Cluck Cluck Sew’s Machine Binding method, since I’m hoping that this quilt sees a LOT of action and washes in its lifetime. I love how neatly the machine binding squares up the front of the quilt, and you really can’t beat its ease.

quilt label hand stitchedI hand stitched the label onto the back using my first attempt at blanket stitch. Admittedly, it was a lot tougher to keep even and secure than I anticipated, but I’m hoping that with practice, that will all improve. I realized while writing this label that I will be an Aunt for the first time once baby Reagan is born! So exciting!

Pinkalicious Hazel Hedgehog Baby Quilt

Completed May 2015
Pattern: Giant Hazel Hedgehog pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, speech bubble heart and layout is of my own design.
Size: 48″ x 52″
Front: Background: Michael Miller Stitch Circles in Aqua; Heart: Pink Star fabric, Starlet by Blank Quilting; Speech bubble: Cotton + Steel Basics by Rashida Coleman Hale; Hazel’s Face & Body: two shades of Kona pinks–I didn’t write down the names back when I bought them!; Hazel’s hair:
Back: Calypso by Ro Gregg for Paintbrush Studio
Binding: Architextures Words in Black by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Batting: 100% cotton Soft n’ Crafty batting
Thread: Aurifil 50wt 2600 – Dove for piecing, quilting background and speech bubble, and sewing down binding; Aurifil 50wt variegated 3660 – Bubblegum for matchstick quilting the heart; Aurifil 40 wt 1100 – Red Plum for quilting Hazel’s hair; and, Aurifil 50 wt 2423 – Baby Pink for quilting Hazel’s face and body.

Planning: 1 hr 30 min (includes designing speech bubble heart)
Cutting & Pressing: 3 hours
Piecing the top: 5 hours 30 min
Piecing the back: 30 minutes
Squaring, layering, and basting: 40 min
Quilting: 6 hours 20 min
Finishing (making binding, squaring quilt, burying threads): 45 min
Binding: 1 hour 45 min
Total: Approx. 20 hours

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I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday, and hoping that another little bundle decides he’s finished and ready to make his way to the outside world before next Friday!



21 thoughts on “Pinkalicious Hazel Hedgehog Baby Quilt Finish”

  1. The black binding sets it off perfectly, and I bet your SIL and baby Reagan are going to *love* it! I am so impressed that you were able to get all your big projects wrapped up in time, and I hope that when baby is ready you both have a smooth transition.


  2. This Baby Regan quilt is just so cute. When you blogged about the matchstick quilting I did not realize that the heart was going to be so big and it looks great! I am going to try this machine quilting technique on a big heart wall hanging. I love your pictures, they inspire me. You are right, your baby will come when it is ready.


  3. I absolutely love this quilt! The name in the heart is an awesome idea. And the quilting design is very pretty, I need to remember it to try on a future project. Congrats on being an aunt soon! And good luck with your baby, whenever he decides to make his debut! 🙂


  4. Love every last little bit of Pinkalicious Hazel! Especially how you made a popular design into a creation that’s all your own. One never thinks to do a black binding for a baby quilt, but it works so well!

    P.S. I, like a dope, clicked the Have you Had That Baby Yet? link. 🙂


  5. This is fabulous with a capital FAB! Love everything about it – the colour, the quilting, the speech bubble, the perfection. Well done! ❤ (Have you had the baby yet? *wink* Sorry, couldn't resist!)


  6. That is the best baby quilt I have ever seen – so personalized and you know the pink is beautifully offset by the blue background and gorgeous black binding. I LOVE it. The quilting is gorgeous and you are right – machine binding is much more durable.


  7. They have named Reagan already? That must be the opposite of the Scandinavian tradition of waiting a few months to see what the baby’s name should be. I love decisiveness. 🙂 Was that to help quilt-making aunt plan the adorable quilt with personalised name?
    How have you never blanket stitched before?


  8. I think your blanket stitching looks good! It definitely takes practice though. 😀 The whole quilt turned out super cute – even though it was a little push outside your norm. (Also love the other website. Funny!)


  9. YAY I’m so glad to see it finished! I love the black binding, I did that on one of my quilts recently and was just so happy with how it came out. I tend to not like the look of my hand blanket stitch when doing tags and have more than once machine’d it on trying to find a discrete spot where the “extra quilting” won’t look funny on the front. Works pretty well for some quilts, especially the ones I just want to finish!


  10. I can never remember how to start a blanket stitch when doing it by hand – thank God for you tube! Love the label. It really is a gorgeous quilt. So glad you kept he speech bubble & heart!


  11. This. Is. Fabulous. I agree: the black binding is spot-on. And I’m wishing I could replicate those loopy flowers in the quilting (someday!). Since it’s a generously sized baby quilt, it’s sure to be well loved even when the recipient is no longer a baby. : )


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