The Gift of Love {Why I Quilt}

We’ve all heard it many times: it is better to give than to receive. Especially with handmade gifts of love, I fully agree with this sentiment. That doesn’t mean I don’t love to receive handmade gifts–don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love handmade gifts! But seeing someone using and loving and enjoying a quilt that I stitched full of love especially for them, warms my heart and reminds me of yet another reason I quilt. Quilting allows me to give the gift of love in a warm snuggly form that can literally wrap around the recipient, and that will hopefully last a lifetime.

reagan on her hazel hedgehog quilt
I realized recently that I had yet to share photos of baby Reagan on her Pinkalicious Hazel Hedgehog quilt and thought it was high time I rectified that!

Take, for instance, a baby quilt. I know a few grown adults who still have–or even sleep with–a handmade blanket or quilt that was given to them at birth. There’s just something about a baby blanket that is especially comforting.

gift of love quiltQuilts are also infinitely useful to babies and their doting, toting mamas. Babies spend a lot of time on the floor (quilt!), need diaper changes (quilt!), need to stay warm (quilt!), need tummy time (quilt!),… the list of uses goes on and on, and evolves as the child grows (think superhero capes, club forts, and picnics galore).

dreaming of love on baby quilt

baby reagan on her quiltI absolutely love seeing babies on the quilts I’ve made for them. It reaffirms all of the time, effort, money, and LOVE that I’ve put into the creation of the quilt and inspires me to create even more. I’m looking forward to seeing Reagan grow with her quilt, and her cousin Finn is sure to join her on it whenever the opportunity arises!

cousins on hazel hedgehog quilt
Cousins Reagan and Finn, born one day apart (Reagan is older!), sharing some time on Reagan’s Pinkalicious Hazel Hedgehog quilt at less than a week old.

14 thoughts on “The Gift of Love {Why I Quilt}”

  1. That is beautiful Kitty. In the recent years, with not having a great set up for quilting big pieces, I’ve taken to giving quilted softy pillows. They have been a huge hit. People just love them. 🙂


  2. That’s exactly how i feel Kitty. I don’t think there is any other art form that expresses love so well or provides so much comfort, both for the maker and the recipient!
    I think Finn likes how you put Reagan’s name in the heart. LOL


  3. I’m so looking forward to seeing my Son grow up and take his quilt(s) with him as he does. There’s something so lovely about knowing that if anything should happen to me he’ll be able to wrap himself in something I made him and know that I love him and I’m giving him a hug from where ever I am. ❤


  4. I agree. 🙂 My favorite quilty picture is of my baby cousin and I. She was playing with the quilt I had made her for Christmas and she had the biggest, sweetest smile on her face. It made all the craziness worth it just for that picture. 🙂


  5. You are so right! When I knitted, it gave me such joy to see a baby using a blanket or wearing a sweater I made for him/her. It really makes all the hard work worthwhile. I just love that Finn has a cousin that is the same age. If they live close to one another, it will be like having an extra sibling.


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