baby on quilt

Babies on Quilts and a Big Thank You

I’m thinking I should rename my blog “Babies on Quilts” these days. Babies abound in these parts (seriously, don’t drink the water if you don’t want to join in the new baby snuggles), so many quilts are being created for these new little members of our world. I’ve written about how wonderful it feels to give a quilt to a brand new baby, with wishes that the quilt will accompany the child on his/her grand journey through life. Today I get to write about the immense joy of receiving such a quilt from some dear friends.

gift package from stephanie and michelleI received the sweetest package from my dear quilty friends Stephanie and Michelle (from Late Night Quilter–we are sewing soul sisters half a country apart). They made a gorgeous Delectable Mountain quilt for Finn and included some sweet additions for mommy–a teething necklace and magnetic hexie puff, both in my favorite color!–as well an adorable applique bird onesie for Finn. Finnian loves the quilt already, and clearly the sleepy magic is in it. The first three times I put him on the quilt, he settled right down to sleep!

Finn on his Delectable Mountain quilt
Some big baby laughs before settling down to sleep.
sweet sleeping babe on quiltBabies on quilts–I just can’t get enough!

baby on quilt

baby on quilt

baby on quiltThis quilt is the perfect size to take with us everywhere. It fits right in my bag, and will be making memories with us daily, even if that means mostly diaper changes and spit up-filled tummy time in the beginning. Thank you so very much, Stephanie & Michelle. Your love is clearly in this quilt, and it makes me so happy to see it be a part of our daily lives.

This gift is just one example of the wonderful community of quilters of which I’m blessed to be a part. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of my quilting blogging community, and I not only enjoy conversing with many of you via blog comments and resulting email conversations, but I find myself calling many of you friends. I want to extend a special thanks to Nancy–your care package with such well thought gifts for the entire family is cherished and still appreciate daily in our home. Just yesterday, Maddie made a very special spirograph flower for me to hang on our bedroom door. ❀

Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl, another dear friend in our blogging community, wrote a wonderful reflective post about community and what it takes to cultivate relationships with people you know purely through blogging. It’s all about authentic connection. I love that her final tip on how to cultivate community is to be you. That’s part of what I love about blogging–I’m free to be me, and share the parts of life and my creative process that inspire me. Amazingly, by doing that, I in turn inspire you, or at least inspire the spark of conversation that begins a relationship. It was just such a spark that began my conversation with Stephanie and Michelle over a year ago, and since then we’ve not only become friends, but we’ve also roomed together at Quilt Con, worked together on many projects, and provided daily support and encouragement to each other from a far.

folded quilt

Thank you, Stephanie and Michelle. Thank you, Nancy. Thank you, Yvonne. And many, many thanks to all of you readers, many of whom I’m now blessed to call friends.




16 thoughts on “Babies on Quilts and a Big Thank You”

  1. I was hoping the photos were going to feature Finn in the onesie! What an awesome gift and package. It is pretty amazing how a little over a year ago I wasn’t sure if blogging was “right” for me, and now I so enjoy the interactions that have formed as a result. And sending and receiving happy mail just can’t be beat.


  2. oh Kitty, this is so beautiful. Stephanie and Michelle did a beautiful job, (as I would expect! they are awesome) and little Finn looks so cute on your (his) new special quilt!


  3. Dear Kitty,
    I read blogs fairly regularly but I only follow a few. The ones I choose have reached me on a deeper level – not just about quilting but about similar personal values. I find that as I am concluding the child raising period of my life and am launching my adults into the world, I like to read about the previous stage of my life. There are a lot of good memories that get rekindled by your stories. And I love your quilting – it is beautiful and stimulates me to spend time sewing which I will do again today (after I clean the fridge). There is something wonderful that exists in the blogging community. At some point I will start one – but not until I am willing to devote the time and energy that people like you do. Am glad the small gift I sent is being enjoyed.


  4. I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have met and become such close friends. I love out daily chats, and the guidance you give me. You are one of my closest confidants, and I hope I get the chance to meet your family in person someday. May our collaborations continue, and may our friendship continue to grow for many years to come!


  5. Such an amazing gift to receive from some awesome quilty friends. Finn looks quite at home on that blanket. I’m so thankful for that new blogger’s hop last year to meet (online) so many of those you mentioned. I look forward to the day that I get to meet you all in person.


  6. I thought that perhaps posting so many pictures of babies on quilts was your new increase-blog-traffic plan… most women can’t resist a cute baby on a quilt, you know : ) But in all seriousness, it’s totally what I would expect and I appreciate the fact that you do share. If I could meet my husband online, it’s most certainly not so unusual to meet friends with a deep connection that way. Very sweet and thoughtful gifts… I’m sure it just made your day!


  7. Such a lovely post to read today … my cup is full to the brim. I love seeing other quilters reach out to each other … it’s usually in times of pain, but it’s so lovely to see it happen in moments of joy too πŸ™‚


  8. I love the reflections contained in your post – and the caring and thoughtfulness they represent both on the part of your friends and yourself — and your community who came to comment here! Lots of thoughts to give one’s soul a smile to start the morning. Thank you.


  9. I only recently learned about teething necklaces. They are so clever – chewable and stylish.
    Yvonne and you are both very perceptive with your insights into community. It is the best thing about blogging.


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