maine quilts quilt show 2015

Maine Quilts 2015

maine quilts quilt show 2015This weekend was the annual Maine Quilts quilt show hosted by the Pine Tree Quilt Guild, and I went on Sunday to see all of the gorgeous quilts. While there, I not only got to soak in the quilty goodness that comes with strolling around a quilt show, but also got to meet some of you quilty friends from blogland!

maine quilts quilt show 2015
Sue and Sharon next to their quilts. It was so great to meet you two!

Much of the quilt show consisted of traditionally pieced quilts, but the modern quilt movement is clearly taking hold in Maine. Here are photos of some of the quilts that grabbed my attention in the show, both traditional and modern.

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Still Have Scraps Left!” by Diana Wells Rauch

maine quilts quilt show 2015I think the names of the quilts cracked me up more at this show than any other I’ve been to… okay, I’ve only ever been to QuiltCon. But still, some of the quilt names were great! Postage stamp quilts, or quilts made entirely from 1″ squares always amaze me. This one was no exception. AMAZING. And she still has scraps.

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Ayah My Deeya Sistah’s Wicked Wahm Kwilt” by Allyson J. Korsiak

maine quilts quilt show 2015You know you’re in Maine when…. quilts have names like this! This one made me laugh out loud and I just couldn’t pass by without taking a photo. For those of you who need a translation, this says, “My Dear Sister’s Extremely Warm Quilt” in Maine-speak.

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Convergence” by Beth Maitland

This was one of my favorite quilts in the show. I’m sure you have no idea why (rainbows, anyone?).

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Icy Waters” by Betsy Cannan – Pattern by Amy Garro
maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Texting While Sewing Version 2.0” by Nadine Villani – Pattern by Lee Heinrich

It was fun to see some familiar patterns sewn up by local quilters. I saw the original Icy Waters by Amy Garro at QuiltCon, and spotted this one by Betsy Cannan from across the room. The Supernova quilt by Nadine was another eye-catcher, and I know how much work goes into each of those blocks! Gorgeous!

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Northern Wilderness” by Lynn Davis

maine quilts quilt show 2015This gorgeous quilt was one of the Viewer’s Choice winners. I loved the intricate detail and combination of quintessential Maine icons with quilt blocks.

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Spirit” by Georgia Spaulding Pierce
maine quilts quilt show 2015
Sometimes, asking the white gloves to show you a quilt back is almost more inspiring than seeing the front!

The quilting on this quilt was absolutely stunning. It makes me want to practice my free motion quilting skills and densely quilt everything!

I am definitely going to submit a quilt (or more) next year, and am newly inspired to get some finishes completed!



14 thoughts on “Maine Quilts 2015”

  1. I rather like getting just the cream of the crop, though it would have been fun to see the show. (Long way from Portland OR) Love that Northwestern Woods. Had to check and see if it was the same one I saw at Sisters. Nope. Different color background. I too love the combination of image and traditional block, and I’m guessing if I knew all the names for the blocks, they would all relate to the picture that is with them like Bear Paw and Storm at Sea.


    1. I think you are absolutely correct about the quilt blocks being representative of the applique pictures! It makes me want to delve into a similar project, maybe traditional block, paper pieced pictorial representation, and modern take on it all, all in one big mini quilt creation. Uh oh… what am I getting myself into!? LOL


  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I really regret not going to shows when I lived in the North-East, but I was really enjoying being an anti-social quilter back then. And now I know that it’s possible to ask the powers that be to show the back of a quilt. I just assumed that wouldn’t happen. I love looking at the backs of quilts and seeing that all detail that can get so easily lost on a busy quilt top.


  3. Such a small world! I live in Victoria BC and one of my guild mates did that “Northern Wilderness” pattern. She bought it from an Alaskan quilt store while on a cruise. And now the same darn quilt is across the continent.

    The following one is also all PNW native designs which have a limited geographical range (natives less than 150miles away have a totally different style).

    I love all quilt shows, and admire the technical skills in traditional quilts but I just love modern quilts more. (well done ones though – the bad ones are still just crap). Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

    And congrats on getting out to a show with three kids in your life!


  4. This makes me want to go to a quilt show even more! I love seeing pictures, but it must be something to see these amazing works in real life. My brain still struggles to think about 1 inch squares on such a grand scale!


  5. I adore the one entitled Spirit – the colours, the detail, just evokes the FIrst Nations on the west coast. I think for me – I like the clean lines and the sense of nature. This is a gorgeous quilt show. Thanks for sharing.


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