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Feather on a Summer’s Night {& a Giveaway}

I’ve wanted to make the feathers from Shape Moth’s Forest Quilt Along since I first began paper piecing. After recently selecting a fabric bundle for Fiddlehead Artisan Supply, I was trying to decide what project to make with the bundle. I asked my friend Stephanie and she immediately replied, “Feathers!”. Done deal.

summer nights fabric bundle fiddleheadIt’s no secret that I love high contrast and bright colors. Dark midnight blues paired with bright oranges and yellow compose this month’s blogger bundle for Fiddlehead Artisan Supply. It’s called “Summer Nights“, reminiscent of fireflies and popsicles. Scroll down to enter for a chance to win a Summer Nights bundle for yourself.

summer nights fabric bundle fiddleheadThere’s just something about this bundle that was begging to be stitched into feathers, or maybe fireflies. I might have to work on a firefly pattern, now that we mention it. Inspiration is everywhere!

shape moth featherI love how bright and bold the yellow and orange look against the dark blue. The fact that the fabrics include some of my favorites (Doe, Prisma Elements, Plume, and a fun new find by Lecien) surely adds to the appeal.

foundation paper pieced back detailI used wash-away stabilizer sheets provided to me by Alyssa at Pile O’Fabric, and I’m both excited and nervous to soak this block in water so that the sheets dissolve. Imagine that–foundation paper piecing without having to remove the paper at the end! I’ll be sure to write a post about how it all goes once I build up the bravery to let the feather take the plunge.

Growth of a Feather
The growth of a feather, via Instagram #sewtake20 posts.

I’m not quite sure what I will create out of this bright feather block; I think for sure I will make its little buddy (the second feather in the pattern) before fully finishing. I’m on the fence about whether to make it into a pillow or a mini wall hanging. I’m leaning toward a pillow, with the Plume fabric as the back. What would you make?

summer nights fabric bundle fiddleheadFiddlehead Artisan Supply is generously offering a Summer Nights fat quarter bundle to one of my readers. The bundle includes fat quarters of the following six fabrics (clockwise from the feathers):

  • Plume in Onyx from Nomad by Urban Chiks for Moda
  • Lecien Chatter Tailors #40507
  • Doe Trellis in Blue by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman Fabrics
  • Prisma Elements in Solar Quartz for Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Moda Half Moon Modern Scissors in Orange
  • Prisma Elements in Apricot Sunstone for Art Gallery Fabrics

To enter the giveaway today, share what you think of when you hear “summer nights”. Feel free to share word associations or stories; just fill the comments with summer night favorites! Leave a comment and make sure I’m able to get ahold of you if you win.  If you’re a follower of Night Quilter, leave a second comment telling me how you follow for a second entry. Like Fiddlehead Artisan Supply on Facebook or subscribe to their newsletter and tell me how you followed them for a third entry.

This giveaway is open to US and international participants.  The giveaway will be open until 8pm Wednesday 8/5 when I’ll select the winner randomly with Good luck!Note: This giveaway is now closed! 

I also completed my July Goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes, but I can’t show you yet! The goal was to complete the quilt and pattern that will be published in the September issue of Make Modern Magazine. Rather than post a boring, photoless post to document that I’ve met my goal, I’ll use this post as a multi-finish! I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday, and ALYoF as my July Finish post.

182 thoughts on “Feather on a Summer’s Night {& a Giveaway}”

  1. Summer nights feature cruising downtown in convertibles, drive-in movies, dinner at a sidewalk bistro, catching fireflies, bare feet, cicadas singing us to sleep, stargazing, concerts in the open air, Popcicles, swimming, sundresses, pretty sandals, sunglasses, and picnics at the beach!

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  2. I remember back when we used to arrive at the beach after dark and you could hear and smell the ocean, but not see the waves washing up on the shore. It held the promise of warm days on the sand and wading in the water to cool off. Happy times.


  3. Summer nights…I think of stars. I grew up in a small town where I could see the beautiful stars. Living in a city I don’t see as many…too many lights contending with the stars I guess. Or maybe my old eyes just can’t see them anymore. Haha.


  4. Summer nights make me think of crickets chirping, and catching fireflies. Playing outside until dark (especially hide-and-go-seek in the dark!) Relaxing. So much fun. Many thanks for sharing with us!


  5. Summer nights of my long ago childhood includes the wonderful memories of visiting my cousins in rural South Eastern Oklahoma. We would be playing as dusk started settling in. Dinner would have been enjoyed by the crowd of extended family. Always enough, always super tasty, never fancy. Then the adults would settle into their metal lawn chairs as we children raced around the yard. I can remember the low buzzing of their conversation as we played. They were talking about times before us and so we went about creating our own memories, not really sharing theirs. The light would fade and fade until it was almost completely dark around us, the porch light left on, but it’s beam barely reaching into the darkness. Beyond its beam, hidden in the dusk the adults would still carry on with their reminiscing, the murmuring and occasional sound of laughter a constant backdrop to our continued play. And this is when the magic happened. The magic of fireflies. First just a few, then finally a full chorus of them in the dark. Somehow jars would magically appear in our hands. The game was on! Cousins and I dashed as we tried to catch the elusive insects, nothing like the brash ugly insects bashing themselves around the back light porch! These were silent and graceful, taking all your skill to try to catch one as its light flickered on and off and on and off, teasing us to catch it.
    So, that’s what I think of when summer nights are mentioned. I hope there are children still out there chasing fireflies and letting them go, barely hearing the history of their people as it’s murmured from lawn chairs that still sit under the clump of trees. It has been years and years since I have seen a firefly. Are they still out there?

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  6. Summer nights = sitting with my best friend on the shore of the lake with everything lit by moonlight ❤❤❤

    Falling you on bloglovin and Instagram 🙂


  7. I remember that when I was a child we played outside on summer nights until the street lights came on. That was the signal for us to come in!


  8. Hi Summer Nights are enjoying being out of school,making Popsicles with friends, watermelon juice running down your chin, chasing fire flies after dark and sharing ice cream+summer musicals with your friends ! Thank You for a neat giveaway !


  9. Summer nights as I grew up always included chasing fireflies, watching the sunsets, and listening to the night chorus of birds as they flew home over the nearby river.


  10. When I was a kid, if you said summer nights to me, I’d associate it with the sounds of cicadas and lightning bugs (fireflies). Nowadays, summer nights mean walks after dinner and sometimes rides on a monorail to get dole whip at Walt Disney World (it’s rough living in Central Florida at times). 🙂


  11. The idea of summer nights brings back memories of catching lightening bugs and putting them in a glass jar to watch them blink on and off. Of course, we would always let them go after watching them do their magic up close. Our family often enjoyed ice cream cones on the porch on those hot, steamy nights. I’m now hungry for one!


  12. Summer nights remind me of evenings catching lightening bugs and putting them into glass jars to watch them do their magic. Of course, we always let them free, but it was fun to see them blink on and off. Ice cream was a usual summer treat on the porch, too, on hot steamy nights!


  13. Summer nights…the first thing that comes to my mind is memories of the summer I was 16. My best friend and I worked evenings at one of the little burger joints in our small town. After we closed up at 10 pm, we’d go down to the beach and go for a swim, usually meeting up with many of our high school friends. Then we’d go over to my friend’s house and stay up late talking, and would often sleep in the big open field behind her house. Good times!


  14. Grease, the film!!!! Summer nights is the last line of one of the songs, reminds me of my teenage years when I could sing every word to every song. Thanks for a fun giveaway. x


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