Finn 2 months old quilt

Growth: 2 Months

While that first month seemed to last so long, with days and nights filled with slow baby snuggles, the second month flew by as we returned to our daily routine. My baby is two months old! With a bit over 20 minutes of sewing time (#sewtake20!) his second monthly quilt block is finished.

Finn 2 months old quilt
They are both growing!

I decided to make another teal block since I still have a lot of teal scraps. I think rather than my usual rainbow, I’m going to stick with a simple color scheme for this quilt: teal and black & white. I really need to sketch out a firm plan, so I’ll make that a goal for month three.

Finn 3 months old quilt looking around
He is so alert and interested in the world around him.

Finn 3 months old quilt

I am blessed beyond belief with this boy. He has such a peaceful demeanor, and as soon as he hit one month old, he was all smiles. He is so very interested in the world around him, and I love having “conversations” with him. After three children, I have mastered the art of the one-sided conversation, and I truly love the baby babble and expressions I get in return.

Finn 2 months
He’s telling me all about it.

Finn 2 months

Sibling lovePerhaps the best part about growing our family is the love between siblings. Maddie and Max love their little brother almost as much as he loves them, and seeing the sweet exchanges is heart warming, even on a crazy day.

Finn 2 MonthsI’m excited to see this quilt grow with my little guy, and the one-block-per-month requirement still feels more than doable (even if I did makeย this block last night).

I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced’s WiP Wednesday.

20 thoughts on “Growth: 2 Months”

  1. Last minute finishes are still finishes. :-)I’ve written many a paper down to the turn-in deadline–as well as finished quilts. Finn is adorable. Love that thoughtful expression he gives you.


  2. This little baby boy is so beautiful! Suggestion: take a picture of his little feet on his daddy’s hand. When baby boy is a man show him the picture.


  3. Beautiful teal blocks. I like seeing one block at a time matched up with your son’s growth. I’m amazed you get any sewing done at all.


  4. Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s been two months already. Then again, that’s easy for me to say since I still get to sleep. He (and your other kiddos) are so adorable.


  5. Both blocks and baby are adorable… but you knew that already! He’s so bright and curious looking. Good work, mama! *elbow bump* I love the idea of teal, white, black… I bet there will be some tasty LV mixed in there too. I’m loving watching the interactions between my little siblings too… it’s a little different around here… there are definitely some sweet moments.


  6. He’s so cute!! The blocks look beautiful. What a great idea to finish a block a month. I think I might just do that for my granddaughters …one is also two months old, and the other is 4 months old! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Handsome and happy boy on beautiful blocks. I keep looking at this photo shoot again and again. It makes me smile.


  8. What a great idea – and you are sticking to it! One block a month is very do-able. What a beautiful young family you have – and a clever hubby for coming up with the one block photo idea too!


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