Hello Love mini quilt flimsy finish

Hello, Love! Flimsy Finish & Pattern Release

You’re probably familiar with the pinkalicious quilt I made for my sister in law a few months back. The heart in a speech bubble I designed for that quilt was begging to be made into a mini of its own, and I’m excited to announce that it’s ready for release!

Hello Love mini quilt patternI named this pattern Hello, Love! , which I, well… love! The mini quilt finishes at 20″x20″ and would also be perfect for a pillow or as part of a larger quilt. The pattern is my first publicly available traditionally pieced pattern (that’s right–it’s not paper pieced! *gasp*) and is fat quarter friendly. There are clear instructions for cutting and piecing, including diagrams and tips. The pattern also includes diagrams showing how to make two half square triangles (HST) at a time.

hello love mini quilt patternThis pattern is a great way to showcase your favorite fabrics, or show your love for anyone or anything. The heart is a great place to applique anything under the sun, be it the name of your bestie, your kiddos, your fur babies, or a picture of a unicorn, camera, or kale (don’t we all love kale?). Note that applique details are not included in the pattern.

Hello, Love! is available in my Craftsy store (and Payhip for those of you in the EU) and will be on sale for only $5 for the first week, after which it return to its normal price of $8.

hello love tester versions
Just a peek at some of the testers’ Hello Love minis! Makers left to right: Christopher @the_tattooed_quilter, Lisa @duhquilts, and Michelle @frustratedquilter.

Many thanks to my testers, who provided helpful feedback and spotted my late night typos. You may have seen a few of these minis around the Instagram world already, and can see more by checking out the tag #hellolovequilt. When you make your version, please tag #hellolovequilt and @nightquilter so that I can see!

I’m linking up my flimsy and pattern finish with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday. I bought a new sewing machine, so I’m waiting until it arrives before I quilt this mini, but I just couldn’t wait to share the pattern! Enjoy, and I can’t wait to see what you create.

10 thoughts on “Hello, Love! Flimsy Finish & Pattern Release”

  1. Can we hear about your new machine please? I am always interested in what machines are used and why a new machine is purchased. It’s great to hear about the pro’s and con’s of various models.
    And, no, I am not a sewing machine rep!


  2. It is so cute! And how perfect to think to turn it into its own pattern. The proportions are lovely, and I like t in the new color scheme you threw its way as well.

    A new machine?? What did you get!? I just dropped off mine at the repair shop, and they’re letting me borrow a more updated Bernina, and it has my wheels turning about purchasing a newer machine!


  3. Well done! *elbow bump* You know I loved this paired with Hazel. I’m seeing it with a bunch of Lorna (Sew Fresh Quilts)’s cute lil’ animals. I mightn’t be able to resist popping over to Craftsy and buying it! 🙂 And I’m looking forward to hearing all about this new machine of yours.


    1. Thanks, Jenn!!

      I’m excited about the pattern, too! It’s my first traditionally pieced pattern write up, but I really think it’s super clear and easy to follow, and the testers seemed to agree. I’m a bit proud (but not letting it get to my head lol). 🙂 and now super excited to write more! I would love to see you make it with some of Lorna’s lil animals! I’ll have to go check those out!

      As for the machine, I’m excited, too! I really am in need of one, since my current machine is ancient and is VERY rough at quilting and I don’t think even has the capability of doing FMQ. I took advantage of the 0% interest, 60 month payment plan deal day at my local Bernina dealer. I can’t wait until it comes in!! Now I just have to sell enough patterns to cover the $50/month payments lol… mayyyybe?

      My father in law is also commissioning a secret quilt for his wife (my step mother in law), so those funds will help go toward the machine. The machine is totally necessary, though, if I’m going to make any actual quilts and quilt them with any kind of decency. It was only a matter of time 🙂

      *elbow bump* Kitty 🙂

      On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 7:57 PM, Night Quilter wrote:



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