mini mini quilt by michelle bartholomew

Mega Projects and Mini Minis

Things have been busy behind the scenes here at Night Quilter, and life has been cruising along the way life does. With many big projects about to begin (Farmer’s Wife Sew Along, Sizzix Design Team tutorial posts, a quilt project reveal, etc.), when I saw Michelle Bartholomew post about a mini mini quilt swap on Instagram, the “I love cute little finishes” within me jumped and clicked its heels. I immediately offered to swap mini minis with Michelle. (Look up #miniminiquiltswap on IG to see the current swap stream and jump right in).

mini mini quilt by michelle bartholomewMichelle is deep in the mini mini quilt swap game, so hers was already complete and she must have popped it right in the mail because it has arrived already! I absolutely love how tiny and adorable this mini quilt is.

mini mini quilt by michelle bartholomewThe hearts on the binding are the final touch, in my opinion. So tiny. So perfectly wonderful.

The mini mini quilt idea really resonates with me right now, too. Making a teeny tiny mini mini quilt to swap with a quilty friend gives you an opportunity to try new techniques, new color combinations, quilting styles, etc. without investing too much time or fabric. You also get to make a connection with a quilty friend, sharing a piece of yourself and decorating your walls with pieces of your quilty friends while you are at it. Surround yourself with inspiration! I have really enjoyed the mini quilt swaps in which I’ve participated, but the time investment is more than I have to give right now so I have been firmly resisting the urge to join in on additional mini swaps. The mini mini, though, is TOTALLY doable. Remember #sewtake20? #sewtake20 and make a mini mini! I hope to cover my wonky-sized craft loft walls with them, eventually.

mini mini quilt by michelle bartholomew on cosmosmini mini quilt by michelle bartholomew snuggles borageThis mini mini is so tiny it fit right at home with all of the little flowers in my garden. It lightly sat upon the cosmos leaves and snuggled with the borage.

So what mini mini am I making to mail back to Michelle?

my mini mini quilt in progressI showed her some of the little mini quilt bits I had started to see if any appealed to her and she chose one of my Chawne Kimber-inspired sew small Roberta quilt starts.

So what mini mini am I making to mail back to Michelle?It is far from perfect, but with those little 1/8th inch wide sections, it’s a mini mini work of love, and I think really fun aesthetically. I plan to free motion quilt it in a spiral, bind it somehow, and mail it off!

I’m linking up with Lee’s Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. It’s been a while since a link up for me, but this blog is about to get hopping! I’m excited to show you the projects on which I’ve been so secretly working. Soon…

15 thoughts on “Mega Projects and Mini Minis”

  1. The mini mini swap does seem much less intimidating than many of the other swaps I have seen on IG… I’ll have to go check it out. The mini you received from Michelle is super adorable, and you are right that those tiny hearts are really perfect. I think your Chawne Kimber inspired mini is looking great; the touch of pink is really pulling me in.


  2. The fact that they are called mini mini’s makes me giggle, that’s just adorable! I have seen these little things popping up every once and a while on different blogs. I’m going to have to make one, even if it’s just for my wall at first. 🙂


  3. What a fun little swap! Even though I am all grown up now, playing with mini mini things is still a big draw for me (or in this case making them). I’ve always liked wonky blocks and this one is adorable.


  4. Such gorgeous pictures! I cannot stop making these mini minis, they are so quick and fun. I can hardly contain my excitement to get such a beautiful mini from you. Yay! If anyone else reading wants to swap, find me on the miniminiquiltswap hashtag 🙂


  5. I love the mini mini idea, and the importance of doable can never be overrated in this house! A wall of them sounds amazing, hope we get to see it in the future.


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