finn milestone quilt 4 months

Four for Four: 4 Months

Four months old! Which means I’m now four blocks into my milestone quilt for Finn. For those of you new to this project, my husband had the brilliant idea (through jest) to make a quilt block every month with which to photograph my baby Finn as he grows, and sewing them into a quilt for him as a birthday present in celebration of his first year. I took the idea and ran, and haven’t looked back yet.

finn milestone quilt 4 monthsThis project is still feeling very doable and I’m considering adding an additional four blocks to make it a big larger of a quilt at the end of the year. For now, though, I’m sticking with the one quilt block per month idea, and so far I’m four for four (great record!). You can see my planned layout in my 3 Month post here.

finn milestone quilt 4 monthsFinn is growing as only babies can. He’s a very stretched out baby, who loves to flex his legs and stand whenever he can, but he also has found the potential in rolling to the side, and has made it halfway over before getting stuck. He sucks and chews on his fingers, either for soothing or maybe he’s teething already (I sure hope not!). He is still so aware of everything around him and loves to “talk” with his baby babble and big bright eyes.

finn milestone quilt 4 monthsfinn milestone quilt 4 monthsfinn milestone quilt 4 monthsHis newfound love of movement makes it quite difficult to get a good photo, but I managed to get a few. Even today, when he’s in the thick of a slimy, drippy, coughy cold, he is so full of bright eyed smiles and giggles. I caught myself almost defiantly asking him the other day, “How are you so happy ALL the time!?”, feeling like I was missing out on something. But then I realized since smiles are contagious, seeing him smile makes me happy no matter how stressed, tired, or otherwise cranky I might be. He’s a gift for sure.

finn milestone quilt 4 months

finn milestone quilt 4 months
Always on the move, with a smile in his heart.

I am really enjoying creating this quilt along with Finn’s growth. Setting small, attainable goals makes the entire quilt-making process not only doable, but it makes it part of my journey through his first year.

Now up I go to relieve my husband and take my shift holding our poor slimy guy upright so that he can get some sleep without coughing and spitting up slimy gunk. It may be a long night ahead, but hey… it’s all part of the journey and it’s a blessed one indeed.

18 thoughts on “Four for Four: 4 Months”

  1. Finn always seems so happy when you do these photo shoots. Quilt blocks are looking great. And don’t discount the teething. My guy had 2 teeth by 3 months of age and had all of his teeth (including the 2 year molars) by the time he was 18 months old. He was a drooly mess for that first year!


  2. Cute, cute, cute! And don’t forget that that smile contagion goes both ways–he gets them from his loving family, too.


  3. I love watching Finn (and the quilt) grow. Really interesting how you keep #1 away from every bug and # 3 gets a cold by 4 months…. He will develop wonderful immunity. Hang in there – it can be a long night.


  4. What a sweet, bright-eyed, and smiley little guy! This will be something that Finn will really enjoy looking back on when he’s grown. And even though it was fist meant as a joke from your husband, I have to admit that it is a brillant idea! It will be fun for you too to look back on and see the changes from month to month. We have tons of pictures from our first, but far less of our second. If there had been a number three, I don’t know that there would have been any pictures at all. But this will be his, and this will be special. Looking forward to the quilt at one, and the boy at one too! (if you can keep him still long enough to snap)

    P.S. Just think, my first was walking a ten months – wheh!


  5. I don’t know which is lovelier… this quilt or this baby. Okay. Okay. The baby is way cuter. Even with the drooly sliminess. DT have yet to have a cold (we should have stock in hand sanitizer)…. I live in fear of the first one. Keep on keepin’ on, super mama! *elbow bump*


  6. Ugh, baby colds are no fun! Here’s hoping he recovers quickly and you can get some sleep. In the meantime, his smile is gorgeous! Your quilt block is beautiful too, and the whole thing is going to be amazing.


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