Finding the Time to Sew on The Seasoned Homemaker

Finding the time to sew is a topic on which I reflect often, always trying to find the perfect balance between sewing time, family time, and other obligations. When my dear friend Leslie asked if I would be interested in being a part of a new series on her blog called Finding the Time to Sew, of course I said yes. Leslie blogs at The Seasoned Homemaker, where she shares her wealth of knowledge about sewing, crafting, DIY, homemaking, cooking, gardening, and more. Leslie recently interviewed me over a virtual cup of tea, and the resulting interview is on her blog today. Read it here!

Time-to-Sew2After you’re finished reading about how I find the time to sew, be sure to read Leslie’s introduction to her Finding the Time to Sew series. She shares some great tips on finding time, and discusses the all-too-real Sewing Space-Time Continuum. Thank you, Leslie for helping spread the word about the importance of making time for yourself, and for sharing my passion!

2 thoughts on “Finding the Time to Sew on The Seasoned Homemaker”

  1. Just read your interview over on Leslie’s blog and loved it! Adding you to my feeder STAT because your work is awesome!


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