finn 5 month milestone quilt

Inching Along: 5 Months

Five months; five blocks. Finn very nearly grew faster than his quilt this month, but I managed to sew up his five month block during his nap yesterday, and we had a fun photo shoot as soon as he awoke. Thank goodness for #sewtake20! For those of you new here, I’m making a milestone quilt for my infant son, one 12 1/2″ block per month for one year of his life. You can see the layout I’ve decided upon here, and I’ve created a separate page collecting the photos and posts from each month here (or you can click the tab at the top of this page that says “Milestone Quilt”).

5 months milestone quilt progressFinn and his quilt are quickly outgrowing the background I’ve been using for photographs, so I may need to get creative in the coming months! For now, we had a typically smiley photo shoot.

finn 5 month milestone quilt Finn 5 months milestone quiltIn the past week, Finn has discovered that he can actually move across the ground by running his legs like mad and inching like an inchworm. Boy does he put his heart into it, too! It’s so fun to see his intent face and his one leg kicking up like a donkey. He still is a happy, easy going, smiley boy and talks up a storm to anyone who will maintain eye contact with him.

finn 5 month milestone quilt
“Oooh…. what are these? Feet! Toesies!”

Finn has also discovered his hands and feet, so he’s slowly working on his yoga poses, starting of course with “happy baby”. He’s mastering the reach and grab, and everything goes straight to his mouth.

finn 5 month milestone quiltfinn 5 month milestone quiltfinn 5 month milestone quiltfinn 5 month milestone quiltThis month was the first month where Finn noticed the quilt blocks next to him, so he’s already begun to break in his quilt with baby drool and tough love. Reach. Grab. Mouth. Mmmm!

finn 5 month milestone quiltNext month I vow to make his block before the 5th, but in the meantime I’ll continue to love on this boy every single day. I am enjoying these immobile days as much as I can, since it won’t be long before this guy is cruising around the house!

21 thoughts on “Inching Along: 5 Months”

  1. Fin really is the happiest baby, isn’t he?! He shows so much personality already. I imagine the older children adore him!! Great job on your 5th block on the 5th 🙂


  2. I love your photos and your Milestone project! Little Flynn is cuter with each photo installment! Congratulations, Mom!!!


  3. Such a cutie. But you knew that already. Based on the blank monthly sections in DT’s baby books, I think you’re doing a fabulous job getting a block done a month and having a little time capsule of a post about Finn. *elbow bump* So what if it’s done the day of? It’s done!


  4. Oh Kitty – this is one way to ensure #3 gets some regular pictures – Laura moans how her older siblings are well documented while she has many few photos. He is such a happy person – you can see that he is not stressed. I found that my third was the most adaptable and easiest baby. I think it was because she attended umpteen activities that her siblings were doing.


  5. This is probably my favorite post of yours every month. I love seeing how big Finn is getting and man, he is the most happy baby (at least in these photo shoots) that I’ve ever seen. The quilt is getting big too, but I think Finn is going to grow faster!


  6. I wanted to comment on this when you posted, but busy is the word for the week. Oh, such a fun age… trying to move more, but not quite there yet, and everything in the mouth stage. Glad you have such a smiley, bubbly little boy.

    I just did a photo shoot this past week with my little guy… the whole time I was saying, “can you stop hopping and twisting so Mommy can take your picture? can you put your leg down? can you stop doing headstands?” But I think there might be good one or two in there somewhere.


  7. What a great way to document that first and quickly changing year! Beautiful choice of colors and what an adorable little one!


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