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Farmer’s Wife Sew Along: Patience & Progress

Despite all my best intentions, life has caused me to get a *bit* behind with the 1930 Farmer’s Wife Sew Along, hosted by Angie at Gnome Angel and sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop and Marti Michell. I’m not letting it get me down, though, and plan to keep on plodding. After all, not only have I allotted for skipping some blocks with my planned layout, I also know that every block made is one step closer to catching up. It’s all about patience, right?

Here are my latest three block additions.

farmers wife 79 patienceIt’s all about patience… see what I did there? If only patience were always so easy to come by!

farmers wife 80 patriciafarmers wife 57 margaretI am really liking my color choices, and as more blocks are added, I’m starting to see how they might go together. I’m still toying with arranging each warm-cool grouping in color order, and very well might do so. I think after the next bout of blocks added, I’ll try laying it all out together and see what you think, too.

I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced’s Work in Progress Wednesday, and Angie’s Farmer’s Wife Link Up. Have a great day!

13 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife Sew Along: Patience & Progress”

  1. It is very intensive… I got through about 30 of my book and had to stop. I just needed something else for a while. All those little tiny pieces to cut, my goodness! I love “Margaret”. The colors are stunning.

    So far, how many have you pieced and how many have you paper pieced?


    1. So far I have pieced all of them! Mostly either using the Marti Michel templates or short cut tricks (like making HSTs 4 at a time! I have two printed out for paper piecing but I haven’t gotten there yet 🙂

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  2. Kitty, I always love the fabric colors you put together in your work, and these blocks are no exception. And the colors of thread you choose are just as beautiful! You often push me into considering color combinations that move me past turquoise 🙂


  3. Quilts really are made one block at a time, aren’t they? I think that it’s easy to compare oneself to how quickly others are turning out quilts in the online world. With some blogs I read, it literally feels like from one week to the next there is a new quilt being finished or in the making. It somehow puts an unrealistic pressure on other quilters, and often leaves me thinking gee… I’m so far behind!?! In reality, quilts are not an overnight project and should be something that actually takes a long time to make… the time that they take is what makes quilts so special.

    I really like this set of blocks!… oh, and AMH in the mix too! Like!


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