nightquilter Best of 2015

My Best of 2015

This time of year often sparks reflection as we prepare to start afresh in the new year. It always amazes me to look back on a year in full, as I realize just how full and rich my life is and how much I’ve accomplished (and what I thought I’d surely have accomplished by now but haven’t). One of the fun aspects of social media is ability to use analytics to take a concrete look at the past year’s blog posts and social media interactions. Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is hosting a fun linky party inviting quilty bloggers to highlight their “best” posts of 2015. I’ve put together a few Night Quilter “bests” in this post, and I invite you to reminisce along with me.

My Top Accomplishment

june finish alyof finn epp table runnerI could not possibly begin a “best of 2015” post with anything other than my most epic Friday Finish of all time: giving birth to my third baby, Finnian. While the blog post announcing his birth falls *just* outside the top five most viewed posts of the year, I’m including it first here. Family is always first. Plus… babies!

Most Viewed Blog Post (including giveaways)

doe layers of charm quiltListing the most viewed blog post is a bit tricky, since typically posts that include a giveaway are viewed a lot more than those that don’t. Nearly all of my giveaways were accompanied by quilt or project finishes, though, so I’m including the tippy-top post here: the Doe Layers of Charm quilt I made early in the year. It has been viewed twice as many times as the next-most-viewed post, so it deserves a bit of spotlight. This was my first quilt made using all one fabric line, sewn for a Fat Quarter Shop short-cut pattern release, and what better fabric line to use than Doe by one of my favorite designers, Carolyn Friedlander.

Most Viewed Tutorial

tutorial embroidery floss organization made easyThis fun and easy tip revolutionized my perle cotton storage and use, and clearly was an all around favorite.

Most Viewed Blog Post (not including giveaways)

dropcloth color wheel rainbow quiltMy dropcloth embroidery sampler color wheel is very high on my list of favorite projects, and I see that everyone else agrees. One of my goals for 2016 is to face my fear of sewing circles and finish this!!

Most Popular Pattern

Love struck patternMy Love Struck foundation paper piecing pattern ranks the highest in patterns sold this year (32%), closely followed by Lupine (18%).

2015 Best Nine on Instagram

Instagram best nine 2015This may be old news for those of you who also follow me on Instagram, but there’s a rad analytic site called (**Don’t visit this site right now. It appears to have been nefariously hacked since a “virus, ack!” pop up comes up on both my computer and phone when I go there now… but a few days ago it worked!**) where you type in your Instagram name and it generates a collage with your nine most viewed posts. Here’s my collage, which includes all sorts of fun–Finn’s birth stole the show on IG, accompanied by my visible mending foray (have I blogged about that?), modern hexies mini mini, growing tree mini quilt, the Rose Star EPP I made as my first big Sizzix tutorial, Finn’s milestone quilt project, and a Farmer’s Wife block. It really covers a large part of what I’ve been up to over the past 12 months, and of course includes rainbows.

I’ve had a great year, and feel so grateful for all of your participation, support, love, suggestions, inspiration, and friendship. Without readers, without comments, without reaction, this blog is just an endpoint for my thoughts. Add you, and it becomes a foundation for inspiration, a jumping-point for new projects, and a connection between like-minded makers. I’m filled with gratitude.

Thank you, too, to Cheryl, for giving me another reason to reflect and look back over the past year. It has truly been an amazing year, and I’m looking forward to a peaceful, productive, rainbow-filled 2016.

What was your favorite Night Quilter post or project from 2015?

19 thoughts on “My Best of 2015”

  1. I started following you this year (not sure what pathway led me here!) and I agree that Finn takes the cake! Your quilting is of course beautiful too, but no miracle like a baby, and especially one so handsome as he! All the best for a wonderful 2016 Kitty!


  2. So many great moments from 2015! I can’t believe I didn’t see the Carolyn Friedlander quilt. Where the heck was I? I am terribly jealous of your beautiful mamma love pic with newborn Finn…. you look positively wonderful. As for my favourite post of yours this year, I think I have to go with Finn’s blocks. I love the way you capture his milestones and make it quilty. 🙂


  3. Baby Finn was definitely a top achievement! I love all the rainbows and babies in your post, it just makes me smile. 🙂


  4. I just found you this year as well through Stephanie “Late Night Quilter”
    I love your Doe layers of charm quilt as well, but of course the beautiful photos of Finn are the best.


  5. It’s really a lot of fun to check back and see what you were working on a year ago! I had actually started my Facing East quilt then, and it was my first paper piecing pattern I had ever done! (of course 2106 goal it to finish it up)

    I really get a kick out of Finn’s milestone quilt and really cannot think of a better way to track your progress and his… and as for the circle, crossing my fingers for you! You’ll look back next year and ask yourself, what took you so long take the leap.

    Have a good slide into the new year!


  6. Kitty your post made me smile SO much! You’ve had such a spectacular year and getting to know you better and watching all the magic unfold in each other’s lives through our amazing community of online quilters has just been magnificent! Seeing all these reflecting posts makes me think I really should put one together for myself too!


  7. Nothing can top a new baby for a “best of” post. I love seeing all of your posts laid out but my first “man, I need to keep Kitty’s blog in my must-read pile” moment was when you posted about your Layers of Charm quilt. It’s still one of my favorites.


  8. Great post and of course Finn has got to be number one. He’s such a cutie. Your quilts are beautiful too. What a great year you have had. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!


  9. So much beauty…I especially liked your rainbow embroidery work…cant wait to see it finished!! Good luck facing your fear of sewing circles…this finish will be well worth the extra effort!


  10. Kitty
    I just love this blog – you are innovative, creative and so interesting to read. My favourite was the project The Twirling Pinwheel Mini Quilt which blew me away and sent me online to buy Alison Glass fabric. Love it, love it. This year I have signed up to provide quilt squares (2.5 inch ones in a birthday Facebook site) and also am trying to finish projects (including the one above). With your gentle prodding I am embracing the modern quilting approach with more negative space and interesting dynamics. So Kitty, I need to tell you that this blog rocks.


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