finn 7 month milestone quilt block

On the Move: 7 Months

Time is not the only thing that has been flying by. Finn is already seven months old and is officially on the move! While he still moves primarily through his inching army crawl, he is getting a lot more adept at moving his body around from belly to sitting to up on all fours, *flop* to belly and across the floor!

finn 7 month milestone quilt blockWhile I didn’t finish it before Christmas, I did finish Finn’s 7 month milestone quilt block. I’m on course to have 12 blocks by his first birthday. The photography part is definitely getting fun, since as soon as I sit Finn down, he wants to move. That squirmy wormy desire to *move* just shows his growth and personality, so I’m embracing it. It’s one more opportunity for creativity!

finn 7 month milestone quilt blockThe biggest news this month is: teeth! Finn’s two bottom teeth are in and now big enough to see when he gives his gummy smile. Teething is never fun, but Finn (and mommy & daddy) have been handling it like champs.  Between his big sister’s birthday, Christmas, and holiday travel, it has been a full and busy month!

finn 7 month milestone quilt blockNot much stands in Finn’s way these days. Trying to get him to stay on the quilt near his quilt block was tricky, so most of the photos this week are movement or snuggle photos. I’m sure you don’t mind. This was what I saw less than a minute after putting him down right next to the wall. “I want to play, Mommy!”…

finn 7 month milestone quilt block…until he got distracted by a design in the carpet. He is also really working on his fine motor skills, trying to grab tiny bits off the carpet and floors. I love watching his little mind at work. Babies are amazing; they learn so much so quickly!

finn 7 month milestone quilt block
“I like this one, Mommy!”

finn 7 month milestone quilt blockFinn’s quilt is really taking shape! You can see my full layout plan here in case you missed it a few months ago. I’m tempted to begin sewing blocks together but I think I will wait until the end to be consistent with photos. Here’s a quick photo burst since who doesn’t want to see babies in front of gorgeous quilt blur?

finn 7 month milestone quilt block

finn 7 month milestone quilt block

finn 7 month milestone quilt block
He loves to stand while holding onto my knees, and was trying to eat my colorful knees.

This project is so much fun, and I love that even if I procrastinate, sewing up a block takes less than an hour; sometimes it comes together as quickly as a half hour. For a busy mom with a million things on her plate (Hi, that’s me!), this project is a breath of fresh air and a chance to see and make progress without a huge time commitment. Plus, it’s such a fun way to document Finn’s growth and milestones.

finn 7 monthsThank you for following along!

17 thoughts on “On the Move: 7 Months”

  1. What a gorgeous little man! I’ve loved watching the progress of this quilt and I’m so impressed that you find the time to sew! My little one has just turned one and won’t stay still for a minute so good luck with the 12 month photo!


  2. Little humans are just so fascinating! Every day is an adventure. Mr. Finn has something about him that reminds me of his mummy. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is… perhaps the eyes? Loving the progress on the quilt and all those lovely pics. *elbow bump* 🙂


  3. Oh Kitty, he’s such a doll! I love how your documenting his progress along with the quilt. It will be so fun to see the quilt come together after he’s 1! 🙂


  4. Babies really DO grow like puppies–and I think Finn definitely wins that cuteness contest! His quilt is so beautiful–and your layout reminds me of something pushing out of its boundaries and reaching forward–just like your little one. Happy and healthy New Year to all of you, Kitty!


  5. He is just too cute! You’re doing such a great job keeping up with these blocks. I adore the layout you’re going towards and it’s so fun watching him grow so quickly with this project 🙂


  6. My oldest could walk by himself at 10 months, so that is about where my pictures would have stopped! Number two gave me an extra two months to breath, so I was thankful for that!

    I love the spoon shots… the second looks like a smart professor explaining some complicated math equation… herrlich!


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