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Christmas in February

Sure, it’s February and the silly groundhog just predicted an early spring, but as far as I’m concerned, Christmas has finally arrived! In the past few days we not only got our first solid snow of the year, but I also received my Christmas gift from Santa–fat quarter bundles of Alison Glass‘s full Sun Prints 2016 collection for Andover. I’m so glad I had the foresight (and patience) to preorder these Sun Prints, since even though I didn’t have them to unwrap under the tree, they are well worth the wait.

alison glass sun prints 2016 fabric andoverThe Sun Prints 2016 collection includes new lines Sphere, Grow, and Endpaper. It probably comes as no surprise that I love them all.

alison glass sun prints 2016 fabric andoverI took them all out into the fresh snow for a photo shoot with a new camera lens, a 50mm 1.8f lens that was a Christmas present from my awesome husband. While I love this lens, I definitely should have taken these photos with a deeper depth of field. I’m still getting a feel for it. For now, here are the way up close, pinpoint focal point photos of these gorgeous fabrics.

alison glass sun prints 2016 fabric andover sphereI’m not typically a polka dot fan, but there’s something about Sphere that grabs me. Perhaps it’s the fact that these dynamic little bulbs remind me of the earth with latitude and longitudinal lines. Perhaps it’s the fact that the sphere colors help blend the fabric lines together subtly and flawlessly. Either way, it joined the ranks in my AG stash.

alison glass sun prints 2016 fabric andover growGrow is a design that also appears in Abacus, with charcoal on white. It was one of the first Abacus prints I bought and I cannot wait to embroider on it. The Grow Sun Prints let us use the gorgeously sketched botanical design in a full spectrum of colors.

alison glass sun prints 2016 fabric andover endpaperEndpaper is the epitome of my favorite types of fabrics. I love tone on tone blenders, and endpaper nails those categories. The colors are rich and deep, and include my favorite tertiary colors.

alison glass sun prints 2016 fabric andoverThese three new collections blend beautifully together when combined. I love the subtle flow that emerges between fabrics and colors. Every time I finish another rainbow project, I think maybe it’s time I explored other color combinations. But really, how could I not create with these? I have a feeling you will be seeing quite a few more rainbows in the not too distant future!

Fiddlehead Alison Glass displayI also recently saw that my local quilt shop Fiddlehead Artisan Supply is stocking the full Sun Prints 2016 collection, and has it all shelved with some of Alison’s older Sun Prints and other fabric lines. It’s glorious! If you’re local (or an online shopper), you can get your rainbow fill, too! I’m sharing a screenshot I took of Fiddlehead’s Instagram feed so that you can revel in the rainbow gradient beauty, too. Sooo good.

I’m linking up with Molli’s Sunday Stash. It’s been a while, but I have a lot of stash additions to share. It seemed only right to begin with the newest and most gorgeous fabrics!

12 thoughts on “Christmas in February”

  1. You inspired my love for Alison Glass and now I’m pining for her new fabric before I’ve even used what I got for Christmas! Lol. I’m hoping to do some quilty math today and get a pattern set so I can get sewing with it! I’m excited to see what you do with these fabrics, you always do rainbow so well!


  2. Lovely fabrics.
    FYI–The 50 mm lens is designed for broader shots. Basically the 50 lens photographs things the way your eyes see them. It is a basic lens and not designed for depth of field or closeups. (What I learned in a photography course many years ago). Also a filtering lens would improve the shots–you have too much blue. Or over-ride your aperture.
    Hope this advice doesn’t sound too annoying! lol


  3. The last time you posted Alison Glass fabrics — I drooled all over my computer and then looked online until I found them and bought fat quarters of ALL of them. Now look – are you a secret Alison Glass marketer – I love her colours, her ideas and aesthetic. I just decided to put myself on a fabric diet for Lent so it will have to wait… and it is reasonable because my waistline – I mean my cupboards – are so full I can’t add more… But every so often I can look at your stash and dream.


  4. Gorgeous fabrics!! I think Sphere might be my favourite of the three. My middle boy refers to the groundhog as a liar if he predicts an early spring because you can be guaranteed that in Newfoundland winter is here to stay until April, if not longer!


    1. I grew up in North Dakota, and I always thought that if the groundhog saw his shadow, that meant that there would be ONLY six more weeks of winter.


  5. Oh, a treat indeed! These are marvelous! I know you will work magic with them. And your photos make me long for my replacement/repaired camera. I love the narrow focus you achieved. As for the blue light, I love that too, as it shows the quality of light this time of year (at least in Sweden, and particularly with snow.) My hubby would have had the same comment though. It’s a taste thing I guess. Nice tips about the use of the 50 mm lens! That is the kind of info that sticks 🙂


  6. I’m still waiting for my Christmas fabrics… sniff, sniff. And I even ordered them before Christmas! What’s even worse it that they made it all the way to Germany, the delivery guy lied about an attempt, and now they are on their way back to the US! Luckily my AG fabrics were in a separate shipment, so keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t experience the same fate.
    Looking forward to seeing these mixed into your rainbows! Drool!


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