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Stash Building: Art Theory Panels in a Panic

My recent scour of the internet in search of Carolyn Friedlander’s old Architextures fabrics for THIS project has given me a new appreciation for stashing your favorites before they disappear. Once a fabric line is out of print, especially if it’s been out of print for a while, those fabrics are GONE. Legit, no stores have them, not even Etsy, gone.

art theory panels ex libris alison glassThis realization gave me a little bit of a panic, so I quickly contacted my local quilt shop Fiddlehead Artisan Supply and had them set aside three yards of the Alison Glass Art Theory panels from Ex Libris (Andover Fabrics) in charcoal and one yard in white. Better safe than sorry, right? If I could afford to buy a bolt of each and every Sun Print fabric, too, I totally would. But the line has to be drawn somewhere!!

art theory panels ex libris alison glassIt’s no secret that I love Alison Glass fabrics, and these panels are just SO gorgeous. I have a few projects in mind already for these, and I don’t think I will ever tire of the colors and design. Having a bit of “extra” in the stash never hurt anyone.

art theory panels ex libris alison glassMaybe I’ll even get brave and cut into a few to use bits and pieces in a project beyond the full intact round panel. Maybe.

art theory panels ex libris alison glassIf you want to stock up before it’s too late, Fiddlehead does still have some yardage of these panels available, I think. They are not listed online, but if you call the store you can order some. No, I’m not *trying* to be an enabler. No, I don’t work for Alison Glass (to answer your question, Nancy! lol But wouldn’t that be a dream!?), but I really do honest-to-goodness love the vivid designs in her fabric. I’m trying to help. Really. Or if you are on a fabric diet, go ahead and let me know your birthday and I’ll set a panel aside for you.

art theory panels ex libris alison glassI mean, look at those details!

I’m linking up with Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash traveling edition, which is hosted by Irene from Patchwork and Pastry today.



10 thoughts on “Stash Building: Art Theory Panels in a Panic”

  1. I bought 7 yards of that Riley Blake Rocket Age Navy print that has orbital mechanics equations and spaceships a few years ago. I’m down to the last 40″ x WOF and don’t regret the purchase at all. Stashing things you love and not being afraid to use it is a wonderful thing!


  2. It’s all good, Kitty! I bought 3 yards of the flowery Loulouthi print by Anna Maria a couple of months ago and it wasn’t enough. I’m starting to panic because I just used the whole cut on the back of a quilt!


  3. Copious amounts available at Hawthorne Threads! I had to go and stock up immediately after reading this 😉


  4. Love this! I just started quilting a year ago and I didn’t understand that fabrics go out of print until I heard it on a video I was watching! Then I went crazy to find the fabric from the designers I liked to see how much of a old collections I could acquire! Because I really wanted all the lines from each artist I adored. Sence I just started “collecting fabric” a year ago that was an impossible dream. So now I know how precious fabric can be, which I think is special because it can make your quilt/fabric creation even more dear to your heart! It also taught me not to just go buy any old fabric, to save my money for the artist I really connect with!! Thank you!!


  5. Ahh – mentioned in your post. I guess my drool over Alison Glass has been noticed. I love the panels – the grey even more than the white. I am on the fabric diet and I have been good – even donating some of my older fabric for a sale to support a project which helps Grandmas raising children who lost their parents to AIDs. While I haven’t succumbed (to Facebook or fabric purchase) I note that I am cruising fabric sites looking at new stuff. However, I am also pawing through old projects and finishing things started many years ago (Thimbleberries Block of the month 2001 – to be fair we moved and I had umpteen baggies of fabric without a clue which month was which). So I am improvising and it will be ready for a Christmas gift to my sister-in-law. And I taught myself to use the walking foot – purchased 20 years ago – pre-U-tube videos…. Only 3 weeks until Easter….


  6. I recently stashed some Ex Libris too & some Sunprints. Alison Glass is so great at pulling designs from past lines into the newer ones so I’m not as concerned if I use them.


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