finn 10 months milestone quilt

Upward: 10 Months

It’s hard to believe that my baby will be a year old in less than two months. They don’t lie when they say “babies don’t keep”. Finn is in the final stretch, as is his milestone quilt. I’ll warn you now: I took a LOT of photos this month. If you don’t feel like seeing far too many cute baby photos, you may want to just stop here. The rest of you may want to get a beverage and find a comfortable seat! 

finn 10 months milestone quiltFinn is itching to run around with his older siblings, and that motivation is clear in his movement and development. A few days before 10 months, he took his first few (three, to be exact) small, tentative steps. Were they to mommy or daddy? No! They were to big sister Maddie, with whom he really wanted to play. He has been mastering climbing down as well as up stairs, and absolutely loves to dance. His solo standing is now quite steady.

finn 10 months milestone quiltHis quilt is growing, too. Creating the blocks has become second nature, and with the extra precut strips saved from previous blocks, the new blocks go together quickly. As anticipated, the toughest part about this quilt now is the monthly photo shoot. Finn was *really* helpful this time!

finn 10 months milestone quiltWhile I taped the blocks to the wall as quickly as I could, Finn was helping me sort the project box for this milestone quilt. In baby terms, this means pull everything out of the box then proceed to mix around as much as possible. Oh, and taste all the things!

finn 10 months milestone quiltTaking the blocks off the wall is also a really well known and delightfully entertaining game. This month’s photo should really look like the photo above. As Finn adorably revealed. I’ve been hiding an outlet behind the blocks all these months! In a house with a million outlets and hardly any clear walls, you have to make do! He’s so proud of himself.

finn 10 months milestone quiltFinn now has four teeth, and his top two grow bigger daily. You can barely see them peeking out in this photo. Such a sweet mug!

finn 10 months milestone quiltPlaying throw and catch is another favorite of 10 month-old Finn. Here we are playing with my newly made repurposed denim ball.

finn 10 months milestone quilt
I caught this gem action shot with the ball in the air!

He actually has quite an arm already, and almost always throws the ball forward instead of behind him!

finn 10 months milestone quiltHe’s just SOOOO big! There are those top teeth!

finn 10 months milestone quiltWith teeth comes the ability to eat more adventurous things. Toward the end of the photo shoot I discovered one of the reasons Finn was so intent on taking the blocks off the wall.

finn 10 months milestone quiltfinn 10 months milestone quiltfinn 10 months milestone quiltHe was aiming to eat the blue painter’s tape right off the wall! Must be delicious!

Finn 10 months milestone quiltSo there we have it. Ten months old!

For those of you new to this project, you can see the full quilt layout plan, HERE in the 3 month post. You can see the full progression of Finn and his quilt’s growth so far HERE or by clicking the “Milestone Quilt” tab at the top of my blog. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

17 thoughts on “Upward: 10 Months”

  1. Finn is such a beautiful little love bug. Thanks for sharing pics of him . . . oh, and the gorgeous milestone quilt, too. 🙂


  2. He is such a cute little ham! He just looks like oodles of fun in these photo shoots. 🙂 He is growing right up, as is his quilt! I love seeing these monthly updates. 🙂


  3. These photos are gorgeous Kitty – he is so interactive and interesting. Laura (my 3rd) walked at 10 mos as well. They want to be able to catch up to their siblings. And safety proofing was horrendous – she would stand up at the top of the stairs – the safety gate unlatched by a helpful sister… I nearly lost my mind keeping her safe. She had more bruises than anyone else but fortunately bounced well. Love this monthly update – it is one way to have lots of photos of the third one. The first always gets millions of pictures taken of every yawn and event. The second has a few less and the third – well this route is the only way to document all the wonderful changes.


  4. What a beautiful series of photos. His blue eyes are just so shiny with the knowledge of his love and security, Kitty. The quilt is coming along so well and I love how it is showing the design now. Only 2 more months?!?


  5. He is so adorable. I love all of the pictures. Keep them coming! My third walked at 9 months. It must be because they need to keep up with the older siblings. It was really hard to keep him contained.

    The quilt is gorgeous and sure to get loads of use.


  6. He stands! I almost always throw the ball forward not backwards too. Almost.
    With just four teeth, he is into painters tape. I wonder what he will be chewing when he gets a full set of chompers?


  7. He is so adorable! It looks like he might be a leftie? If so, keep up that throwing because there will be a spot for him in the big leagues!

    Oh, and the quilt is going to be so amazing! Love those colors!


  8. I love the idea of creating a block with each month. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 months already. Finn is too adorable. Seeing the smile and those 4 tiny teeth, you just can’t help but smile right back at him. Thank you for always letting us have a sneak peak of him growing up. They grow way too fast.


  9. He is so cute! Love your blog, discovered it a few weeks ago and have been busy reading all your posts, really inspired by your beautiful flower pictures as well as your crafting.


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