finn milestone quilt 11 months

The Final Stretch: 11 Months

I’ve been here every day, experiencing  every moment, yet still it’s hard to believe my baby is nearly a year old. Finn is walking more and more, beginning to talk a bit (he clear as day said “yes” when I asked him if he wanted more milk last night, and “mama” is a regular), he’s learned how to tell me when he doesn’t like something, and his wonder of the world around him only grows. I know that he has a lot more growing and developing to do, but his milestone quilt is nearly finished. finn milestone quilt 11 monthsI had to laugh to myself a bit a few weeks ago when Finn threw his first fit. You know the kind, where he gets his hands on something he really shouldn’t have (in this case, a pony bead that he surely would try to eat), you take it away, trying to distract him with something else, but still he whines, arches his back and makes it known that he is NOT happy. My first thought was, “Awww cute! Finn learned how to throw a fit!” True tale sign he’s my third child. While it’s still a bit cute when he throws a fit, I’m sure it will get old long before he outgrows it. But still, he’s such a blessing. Looking at these photos, you’d never think he’d be capable of throwing a fit. finn milestone quilt 11 monthsNow that walking and moving is old hat for Finn, this photo shoot was quite a feat. Just about as soon as I set him down standing, he’d start to walk toward me. Adorably cute, yes, but jolting movement doesn’t bode well for clear photos. Still I managed to get a few good ones, and of course I’ll be sharing them here. finn milestone quilt 11 monthsThis month, we had some friends over during his photo shoot (which actually happened this morning!), so his friend Ronin joined him for the photos. Ronin is a few months younger than Finn, but it was fun to see them interact. finn milestone quilt 11 monthsHere I was asking and signing to Finn, “Where’s your friend?” I’m trying to sign all the time to Finn and it’s slowly starting to show. He finally signed “more” while eating eggs the other morning, and I think is beginning to sign “milk” and perhaps “all done”. He seems much more interested in verbal communication, and it sounds to me like he says: mama, milk, more, Maddie, Max, water, yes, and perhaps a few more. The development of a human brain blows my mind. finn milestone quilt 11 monthsfinn milestone quilt 11 monthsOnce again, the highlight of the day was ripping the blocks off the wall. Here Ronin looks on as Finn takes the first block down, and turns to check with Emily (Ronin’s mom) to make sure it’s ok. finn milestone quilt 11 months

finn milestone quilt 11 months
How happy do they look!?

Once I gave them the go ahead, it was a quilt block grabbing, tasting, throwing free-for-all. finn milestone quilt 11 monthsRonin especially enjoyed the tactile-oral quality control job. Such adorable kids.

stof fabrics to back the milestone quiltAs you may have noticed in some of the photos above, I recently found potential backings for Finn’s milestone quilt. While doing a bit of quilt shop hopping during Maine’s April quilt shop hop, I spotted two prints that stuck with me at Mainely Sewing. After walking through the shop, I found myself coming back to these two.

stof fabrics to back the milestone quiltThey are by Stof Fabrics, which is a fabric company unfamiliar to me before now. The fabric feels sturdy and smooth, and based in Denmark, I anticipate high quality. After much deliberation, I bought a couple yards of each print, just in case. I haven’t seen them elsewhere, so I thought it was a wise purchase.

stof fabrics to back the milestone quiltTo be honest, the print that looks like birch trees was the one I thought I’d use for the backing, until seeing them hanging next to the quilt. Looking at the photo above, I’m leaning strongly toward the print on the left. I love the pops of gold in both of them, since some of the fabrics I used in the quilt blocks for the front have gold details, and the square geometric pattern reflects the log cabin structure. I can see this quilt coming together, and it’s such a fun sight!

milestone quilt finn 11 monthsI deliberated over which photo of Finn to use for his 11 month block photo, since this one of him carefully standing is pretty adorable, but I ultimately chose the one with him leaning over, peeking out into the kitchen where Emily and Max were talking.

milestone quilt finn 11 monthsThis photo seems relevant to his stage of life right now–wanting to get into the mix, discover everything, and communicate and run with the big kids. He’s getting awfully tall, too! One more month before he’s a one-year-old! I’ll check in again next month to share the celebration.

For those of you new to this project, you can see the full quilt layout plan, HERE in the 3 month post. You can see the full progression of Finn and his quilt’s growth so far HERE or by clicking the “Milestone Quilt” tab at the top of my blog. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

17 thoughts on “The Final Stretch: 11 Months”

  1. Love the babies, love the quilt. It was a great idea you had for the monthly photos. I enjoy them so much.


  2. Cute, cute! I like the fabric to the left with the blocks too. I often surprise myself, liking a different fabric than I thought was the perfect one. Cannot believe it is 11 mos.


  3. I discovered Stof fabric about six years ago and now keep an eye out for it where ever I go. It lovely to use, never colour runs and just that bit unusual. Finn is growing into being a real cutie and your quilt is going to be gorgeous.


  4. How time flies! Have enjoyed every minute of these posts and the happy memories they recall for me. Finn is precious and it is a joy to see you embrace the wonderful adventure of parenting. Happy Mother’s Day!!


  5. I have so enjoyed these monthly posts, Kitty! He certainly has grown this past month. I chuckled when you said you thought it was cute that he was throwing a fit 🙂 Yep, it’s a sure sign he’s the third child, and yes, it will get old long before he outgrows it, lol! I laugh when the kids I babysit throw fits, mostly because they keep trying it until they finally figure out that I’ve witnessed that much temper tantrum crying that I am completely immune to it! I have even been known to look at a screeching child (after just taking away the toy they snatched from another child) and say, “Haven’t you figured out yet that that doesn’t work here??”


  6. I do like the fabric on the left a wee bit better than the birches. But I could see running a narrow strip of the birches down the back, while using mostly the darker fabric. Finn is adorable.


  7. I love, love, love these updates. It will be odd not to see them once Mr. Finn is past the 1 year mark. Time does fly… I am loving watching my own kiddos language develop. BT’s first sign was definitely “more”… though at the time it meant “food” at least to him! Wee humans are pretty amazing. As for those fits, GT has mastered them. Yay.


  8. I love these photos – so beautiful and what a great age. I remember them doing the limp noodle at this point too when I would pick them up to go somewhere in a hurry – it is such an innovative way to resist. I get a kick that the #11 are no longer evident. And the shirt says it all – I do!!


  9. These photos are so adorable. Finn has changed so much since you started posted. I like the fabric on the left as well. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Not much longer now.


  10. Oh, so many fun things at this age… talking, walking, unpacking everything, not to mention the fits. My three year still does what I would call his crocodile fits… very dramatic crying, but I can’t find a single tear! (hmmm… not finding them to be cute anymore, but I get what you are saying)

    As for the background, I still prefer the fabric on the left. I think visually, it just works better and from a design standpoint too. The trees are a little more organic, while the other print is more geometric, which somehow feels like it fits better to Finn’s quilt. Funny thing is that I know this company since it comes from my backyard, but I am busy importing fabrics from yours. Ha!

    Just one more month to go and you can work on finishing this! Looking forward to it!

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