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Friday Finishes & Tula Giveaway

Ahh, Friday! We love Fridays in this house, since not only is it the last day before the weekend, but it also means family movie night. I make homemade pizzas, we set out picnic quilts in the living room, and we have a pizza picnic while watching a movie. After pizza, there’s a short intermission for popcorn making and we enjoy the rest of the movie with huge bowls of popcorn and buttery fingers. My husband has a bit of a thing for popcorn, so he makes enough to feed a small army, which I suppose we are becoming as the kids get older! While this week had its share of frustration, I also finally finished and shared two projects. A week with one finish is great; a week with two finishes is worth celebrating!!

I love linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts’ Finish it Up Friday to share in the celebration of finished projects in the quilting community, so I figured I’d write a summary post this week so that I could link up with just one post instead of two. I also have a great giveaway sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop to share to help kick off the weekend!

So here we go–my finishes for the week!

fqs simple zipper pouch teacher giftI finished three cute Amy Butler-inspired rainbow zipper bags as end of the year teacher gifts for my son’s preschool teachers and communication facilitator. There is a great video tutorial posted by the Fat Quarter Shop so that you can make your own. You can see and read more about my zipper bags HERE.

oakshott lipari vesuvius quilt sizzixI also finished a volcano-inspired quilt with Oakshott’s new Lipari fabric line. This was a much longer term project, taking about 18 hours of work to make, start from finish. I share a tutorial so that you can make your very own Vesuvius quilt if you want! Check it out HERE.


Tula Throwback bundle FQS giveawayAnd now, for the giveaway! Thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop, one of my lucky readers can enter to win a Tula Pink Throwback fat quarter bundle of 20 fat quarters! The bundle includes some of the most popular prints from Tula’s collections over the past four (4) years, and would be a great stash builder for any modern fabric lover, whether you’re a Tula troops die hard who would pay a premium for these prints on ebay or not. There are also many fabulous opportunities for meticulous cutting with these beauties!

To enter the giveaway today, tell me–are you a fabric designer fanatic, willing to pay top dollar for rare out of print fabrics? or are you happy using whatever gorgeous fabric is available now, regardless of designer? I’m curious, since while I consider myself to be in the latter category, I could definitely see myself paying more than market value for *some* rare and beloved out of print fabrics. Leave a comment and make sure I’m able to get ahold of you if you win.  If you’re a follower of Night Quilter, leave a second comment telling me how you follow for a second entry. Tell me how you follow Fat Quarter Shop (facebook,twitter, Instagramtheir blog Jolly Jabber, etc.) for a third entry.

This giveaway is open to US and international participants.  The giveaway will be open until Thursday June 9th at 8pm EST when I’ll select the winner randomly with random.org. Good luck! This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Tessa! 

Thanks again to the Fat Quarter Shop! Blog sponsors help me to keep this blog going by helping cover the costs of hosting, photography equipment, supplies, and of course time. Sweet, precious time. Many many thanks to all who support me!

341 thoughts on “Friday Finishes & Tula Giveaway”

  1. There are a few designers, like Tula, that I would pay extra for but mostly I am happy with all the beautiful new fabric coming out.


  2. I just signed up today to follow your blog by email. I love those zipper cases. Very good gift idea. Don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want one.


  3. I fallow on blog lovin, I’ll be totally honest I am poor and quilt with fabric scraps handed down to me I dream of a life like tulas I have a lot of creative fabric design ideas I would love to share but I know I will never be a designer and will probably never own designer fabric what little money I have I need to survive. Thank you tula for living my dream and coloring my world for a little while. Thanx your friend from the boondocks of the adirondacks. Steph Smith


  4. I love the newer fabrics and usually choose from them for my projects. It takes a lot to get me to pay for designer fabric. But I do look and lust!!!


  5. There is so much beautiful fabric on the market, I would not pay top dollar for something that is rare. Especially if I could buy twice as much new fabric for the same price!


  6. This is a wonderful giveaway. Thank you! I tried to source back older Carolyn Friedlander lines and although I was paying a little more for OOP prints (which I understand), I decided to keep it in check and not pay more than 1/3 of the original price per FQ (+ shipping costs). So no: I do not feel like a fabric designer fanatic, although I do love seeing a full line of certain designers :). Whats more important to me, however, is that I buy branded quilting cotton. So far, I’ve only bought quilting fabrics in specialised shops. That may not be necessary, but feels good anyway.


  7. I love fabric but I am way too reasonnable to spend more than a “normal” price for a special fabric. I have a small stash, and would rather buy fabric when I have a project in mind, than buy fabric and then consider what to do with it!


  8. I usually buy what’s available, although if I like something I buy a yard at least to have when I really want it- even if that’s years down the road. I have purchased a few out of print pieces for a premium, but only when I’m in the middle of a project and I’m certain nothing else will do.


  9. I do not a favorite fabric designer. I just buy whatever that appeal to my eyes. I go to garage sale and if I’m lucky I find lower price fabrics there, simply because I think, buying and buying sewing stuff like fabric can be pricey. I am on a budget.


  10. I do buy new but sometimes feel overwhelmed with walls and walls of fabric available in shops. But it is great to use the stash, adn just buy a little to fill in the gaps.


  11. I am a “whatever beautiful fabric I have before me” kinda gal. Otherwise, I would fall into an endless cycle of buying beautiful fabrics- kinda like the hall of mirrors at the carnival- it goes on forever.


  12. Hello Kitty, I do buy new fabric but will often hunt favourites, I love Robert Kaufman prints and am always looking for old ones of theirs, particularly Christmas prints.
    I would love to enter your giveaway. I found your blog a while ago and love reading about your family and your quilts and the beautiful flower pictures you post.
    Alison alisonmryan@yahoo.co.uk


  13. I like lots of different designers but budget issues are always a concern and can only get stuff when it is on sale. I will search all websites for my favorites though to find the best deals.


  14. I fall into both camps. I usually buy what is available. I have bought some fabrics in the past(still on my shelves) and now they are hard to find/expensive. Usually only buy the others only when needed to finish a project.


  15. Sometimes I am sad to have missed a great piece of fabric, but I have come to realize that there will always be more. I think a piece would have to be very special for me to pay extra for it, though I can think of one Tula piece I would really like to have….

    I follow you by email and the FQS on Instagram


  16. I rarely buy fabrics for a specific project. I just buy fabrics I like, regardless the designer and I have to say regardless the price … Thanks for the chance to win !


  17. In the spirit of quilters over time, I like to make do with what I can find. That doesn’t mean I won’t hunt for something ‘just right’, but I tend to not get too obsessed with finding the exact thing I saw somewhere.


  18. Hi Kitty, I recently found Tula at my local quilt shop and buy some as soon as it arrives before it’s all snatched up and the price skyrockets. Older Prints like Saltwater would be a dream to have, so much fussy cutting potential to play with!!! I’m so inspired by your creations, I love seeing it all!


  19. Hello! Just found your site and am excited about following you on instagram and facebook. I buy what draws me to it in the store. Then when I decide who gets the next quilt I’ll see what’s in my stack first, then it’s off to the sites online.


  20. Yes, I would pay extra for a fabric that makes my heart smile. However, these days, the majority of quilt shop fabric makes me happy! One theory I do ascribe to is that I may never see this fabric or be in the shop again–so if it touches me, buy it. And the best way to save a fabric that you are fond of is to put it in a quilt.

    I would love to acquire the bundle of Tula Pink fabrics. I am working on her city sampler in an exchange with a friend. I would share the fabric and be sure that I finish this sampler–the best way to archive a favorite designer’s fabric!


  21. I love Tula pink. Somehow I missed the Prince Charming line. I payed more than market value for a fat quarter pack that had the coveted frog.


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