sizzix geese crossing mini quilt tutorial

Geese Crossing Mini Quilt {Sizzix Tutorial} & Color Inspiration Thursday {72}

I recently had some fun playing with a new Sizzix die and a color/value gradient from dark purple to light pink. Today I’m sharing a tutorial over on the Sizzix blog so that you can make your own Geese Crossing mini quilt. Since the colors and the peonies from my garden are serendipitously paired, I created a color inspiration palette to share, too!

sizzix geese crossing tutorial value gradientThis mini quilt finishes at 24″ square, and its creation coincided with the fabulous bloom of peonies in our garden. It features a new die called Geese Crossing, designed by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and released at Quilt Market last month. It’s a very versatile die and allows for lots of design, color, and value play.

-How to get perfect points when sewing geese
Tips for getting perfect points!

In my tutorial, I share information that will be helpful for all quilting projects, including:
– Tips for creating a successful value gradient in a fabric pull;
– How to get perfect points when sewing geese or other triangles; and,
– Tips to prevent bunching when sewing on an angle.

You can read the full tutorial and see more photos of my project process on the Sizzix blog, here.

sizzix geese crossing tutorial value gradient peoniesThe colors of the peonies and the colors in the quilt meld so beautifully together! I really could not help but take a million photos of this quilt with the gorgeous color gradient of peonies from my garden, but since it’s Thursday, I figured a combination of Color Inspiration Thursday and a heads-up about my Sizzix tutorial would be perfectly acceptable.

sizzix geese crossing tutorial value gradient peoniesAhhh peonies! Such an inspiration!

peony geese crossing color paletteCorresponding solids from left to right:
Kona Dusty Blue, Bella Pewter, Bella Petal Pink, Kona Plum, Kona Cerise, Kona Eggplant

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
2560 – Iris
2564  – Pale Lilac
2425 – Bright Pink
2479 – Med Orchid
4030 – Plum
2582 – Dk Violet

This color palette was created using Play Crafts’ Palette Builder 2.1 as per usual, and the matching Aurifil threads and Kona & Moda Bella solids are particularly useful! I will certainly be getting a few of those threads for quilting! We actually had dark magenta peonies that would have matched the darkest purple fabric, but they are the early variety that met their end during a thunderstorm a few weeks ago. Still, our garden provided a lovely fade from the palest pink to a bright magenta with the peonies blooming now.

sizzix geese crossing tutorial peonies value playI love the natural ombres and vibrant colors found in nature and thoroughly enjoy combining natural inspiration with quilty projects. It is so fun to try to stitch the beauty around me into the quilts in my hands!

Where in nature do you find the most inspiration? Flowers? Colors in general? Textures? or simply through the endless variety of growth and new life that appears before our eyes daily?

Psst… stop and smell the flowers today!

I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday with this finished flimsy!


9 thoughts on “Geese Crossing Mini Quilt {Sizzix Tutorial} & Color Inspiration Thursday {72}”

  1. I find so much inspiration in nature; and it does seem to be a lot of ombre that really inspires me. From Atmospheric Perspective to the color gradient in the sky after the sun has set, I just love finding the natural hue changes. 🙂


  2. I think that nature inspires me by the energy I feel there. Recently, I have been intrigued by bunnies and want to make a bunny quilt. I saw a finished quilt on Facebook made by Richy Lainson, Jr. from the pattern Rabbits Prefer Chocolate. After than, multitudes of bunnies started appearing in my yard! (BTW, if you have never checked out Richy’s work, you should! He’s amazing.)
    I love your peony inspiration. The colors and design are beautiful! Love peonies and wish they lasted longer! I love that you use your inspiration from nature to bring the colors to life in your quilting. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I love how you could match your fabrics to your peonies. Your mini quilt will be a lovely reminder when the peonies are gone of how they looked this season.
    With the new Sissix die, are you able to sew the geese to achieve a more sharp, pointed top, or does it only allow for a ‘flat cut-off’ look at the top? I think your geese look great, so I’m just wondering if you chose to have the tops flat, or having used the die, this is the finish you get?
    Thank you for providing such beautiful colour combinations each week; nothing beats nature’s palette.


  4. I love this quilt.The colour scheme is too gorgeous! Inspiration comes from the things I see around me and different ideas that pop into my head. At this stage of my quilting life I am heavily influenced by the work of others and I’ll be pinning this one for sure!


  5. I just love the mini and the peonies …. I have been seeing your gorgeous blooms over on IG and am rather envious!! Just headed over to the tutorial and I think I may just have to get this die … I love the look of flying geese but really don’t like making them – this just might change that!


  6. It looks like you could have raided my stash for this project… I tend towards those purpley/pinky colors, so needless to say I really like this.

    As it’s literally translated from German… “Pentecost Roses” are one of my favorite blooms. Is it any wonder that my stash is so heavy in these colors?


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