Yvonne Fuchs quilt in Quilters Planner 2017

Quilt Photography

Are you looking for some gorgeous photographs of your quilt in action, but not quite sure how to go about it? Look no further! I am excited to now offer quilt photography services, whether it’s for inclusion in a pattern or larger publication, for posterity, or if your quilt is just begging to go on a wild and crazy adventure vacation and you as the doting mom (or dad) can’t say no.

I specialize in outdoor quilt photography, so keep in mind these photos will be seasonal according to the current season in midcoast Maine (alternatively, if you’d like to fund my travel to a different location–drop me a line and let’s talk!). Indoor or staged photos can also be arranged if needed for a greater cost*, but the wild outdoors is where my heart lies!

You can choose to have your quilt photographed in any number of natural locations: in a forest, in a field, in a swamp, on a beach, along a rocky coast, on a farm… anywhere the wind blows! If your quilt isn’t clear on where it wants to be photographed, I would be happy to choose a location that I feel matches the aesthetic of your quilted creation.

Your quilt’s photography vacation souvenirs would include the following digital files (in either jpeg or tiff) for a cost of $185 per quilt:

  • A full shot of the quilt in full, with the quilt as the main focus;
  • A full shot of the quilt in full from a more distant perspective, with the natural surroundings as a main focus;
  • A natural lay photograph of the quilt, either draped on a fence, rock, or driftwood, folded in a shaded glade, or relaxing in an equally suitable natural location; and,
  • 1-2 detail shots.

You can see my quilt photography in the Quilter’s Planner 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, Amy Butler’s Blossom emagazine issue 3, the cover of Make Modern emagazine issue 7, and featured in the book Patriotic Modern by Carole Lyles Shaw. I’d love to talk about photographing your quilts for business or pleasure! Email me at thenightquilter@gmail.com for pricing details and more information.

I’m looking forward to adventuring with your quilt(s) and sharing my love of three of my favorite things: photography, the natural world, and quilting!!

Visit @nightquilter on IG to see some examples of my quilt photography. Also keep an eye on these hashtags: #EpicQuiltPhoto #Quiltcation #adventurequilt #theworldismystudio #theworldismycraftroom

Quilt by Cheryl Brickey Meadowmist Designs in the Quilter's Planner 2017
Quilt by Cheryl Brickey of Meadowmist Designs, included in the Quilter’s Planner 2017.


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