Quilt Your Life

Quilting your life is a meaningful way to document your days through the creation of a quilt, but how to begin!? I have several ways you can start!

Join my Quilt Your Life Crew!

The Quilt Your Life Crew membership website contains videos, instruction, and guidance for all aspects of quilting your life, which includes quilty technical skills! Not only will I help you plan your project, set yourself up for success in documenting life through the making of a quilt, and provide a community of support to cheer you on along the way, but new content is added monthly, including lessons and resources about various quilting techniques—from FPP to EPP to hand stitching to improv piecing to planning both on and off a grid layout… the list of possibilities goes on. 

Join the QYL Crew today!

Use my Quilt Your Life ebook to start planning

These planning documents are designed to support you in designing a plan that fits your life, and then tracking the information you plan to document. This mini e-book includes pages for quilt planning, journaling, calendaring, and sketching, plus 3 foundation paper piecing templates.

Buy the QYL ebook today!

I grab a needle and thread once the kids are in bed

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