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Color for Quilters & the Maine Modern Quilt Guild

As I swooned over all of the Quilt Market photos flooding Instagram this past weekend, I also immersed myself in a new pool of quilters. I was fortunate enough to attend my first ever Maine Modern Quilt Guild meeting! This month, the meeting took place at Alewives, an AWESOME modern fabric shop co-owned by Rhea Butler, and one of my favorite “local” (if a 1.5 hour drive each way counts as local) quilt shops. Rhea offered a Color for Quilters class, and the Maine Modern Quilters made it the feature of their meeting. I had such a fun time, both meeting the wonderful Maine MQGers, but also taking in Rhea’s color theory knowledge and insight.

alewives fabric store nobleboro maine

I was so impressed with the Maine MQG and how friendly and welcoming they were. I immediately made new friends and felt comfortable there, admiring other works in progress, being inspired by the sample BOM blocks made by Karen, and just getting to know my fellow Maine modern quilters. I do hope to make it to another meeting of theirs, even if my attendance isn’t regular (they typically meet over 2 hours from my home, which would require over 4 hours of driving to attend a meeting). Here are some fun photos from the day:

betsy from maine modern quilt guild
Betsy leads the meeting, guiding us through the items of discussion for the day.
Karen shows her November BOM block samples.
Karen shows her November BOM block samples.
A color challenge: discussing whether this fabric bundle "works" or does not work, guided by Rhea.
A color challenge: discussing whether this fabric bundle “works” or does not work, guided by Rhea.

Rhea provided a lot of insight into color and its role in planning a quilt. I learned a lot about general color terminology, such as value, shades, tints, and hue, but also confirmed that I am personally drawn to tertiary colors (fuchsia, cornflower, turquoise, lime, cheddar, tangerine) as opposed to primary (red, yellow, blue) or secondary (orange, green, purple).

I discovered that Rhea has a very different quilting style than I do; she likes her quilts to be “delightfully schizophrenic”, while I am still very focused on smooth aesthetic flow and “safe” color choices. Rhea has convinced me to be a bit more adventurous though, and try some improv or unexpected color and fabric combinations. I may even try the Denise Schmidt-inspired method of throwing scraps in a bag and randomly pulling them out and sewing them together (yikes!).

Rhea discussing her fabric choices.
Rhea discussing her fabric choices.
Rheas quilt: delightfully schizophrenic.
Rhea’s quilt: delightfully schizophrenic.

After the color class, I enjoyed browsing Alewives‘ awesome fabric selection, and taking in the eye candy that abounds. Here are a few sneak peeks at the gorgeousness that is Alewives. Stay tuned for some more tomorrow; color inspiration will come from the fabric shop this week!

fabric eye candy
Fabric eye candy


I loved the sample quilts around the store. Inspiration everywhere!
I loved the sample quilts around the store. Inspiration everywhere!

Guild Envy & Modern Block of the Month Progress

I’ve never been to a quilt guild meeting. There, I’ve said it. The nearest Modern Quilt Guild is the Maine Modern Quilt Guild (MMQG), and they meet over 2 hours away. With two little kids, it’s not really possible for me to meet with them with any kind of regularity. There’s another local, traditional quilt guild about 30 minutes away, and I hope to attend some of their meetings, but I just haven’t been able to make it work yet.

I read and hear so much about the fun projects people do at Modern Quilt Guild meetings: the new skills learned, the opportunities to be a part of a charity quilt or MQG contest, the tricks and tips shared, and I very much want to be a part of that! So far, though, I’ve only been participating from afar, via email as much as I can. That will have to do for now. You, my blogospheric quilter buddies, are my quilt guild–so thank you!

One MMQG activity I have joined is their Block of the Month.

BOM progress modern quilt block
My MMQG BOM progress so far.

Because I’m not able to attend meetings, I think I’m already behind simply because I don’t know what the September blocks are yet. I think most of the blocks are coming from Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, and sadly I do not yet own the book. I was sent the patterns for these blocks over the summer and I’m eager to make some more. (Amazon affiliate link above, fyi)

This MMQG BOM quilt will consist of 36 blocks, and the layout is slowly taking shape in my mind. Nothing is set by any stretch, but I’m combining my love of grey as a background color with my infatuation with rainbow gradient. Each block will consist of one main color and a shade of grey. After seeing these blocks, I think I may switch it up a bit and have some of my future blocks have the rainbow color on the outer portion with the grey in the center. Here’s what I’ve completed so far:

tula pink block 83 modern quilt
Tula block No. 83
tula pink block 57 modern quilt
Tula block No. 57
tula pink block 97 modern quilt
Tula block No. 97
tula pink block 33 modern quilt
Tula block No. 33
tula pink block 65 modern quilt
Tula block No. 65

I definitely have come to love creating these blocks. I was hesitant at taking on a new project, especially one that I would be joining from afar when everyone else in the guild would be quilting along and sharing progress. After making these first five adorable (they finish at 6″x6″) blocks, I’m hooked. And I’m excited to see how my color choices grow and build as I get more experienced with these little modern blocks. The final one I made is definitely my favorite.

tula pink block 65 modern quiltI think my next step is to buy the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book so that I can find out what number blocks are next! I’m glad I decided to take on *just one more* project, since these 6″ blocks are a great little break from other larger projects, and I don’t have to think too hard about design just yet. The blocks look so tiny on the side of our shed now, but I’m eager to see them grow!

tula pink modern quilt block
Tiny little blocks

Have you made any Tula Pink’s City Sampler quilt blocks? I’d love to see them, and the color design and layout you chose! Please link to your projects in the comments.