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Stash Building: Fussy Cutting Fabrics & Summer Nights Winner

Today I’m not only sharing some additions to my stash, I’m also announcing the winner of the Summer Nights bundle giveaway sponsored by Fiddlehead Artisan Supply. Let’s celebrate the winner first!

summer nights fabric bundle fiddlehead
Summer Nights bundle at Fiddlehead Artisan Supply.

Once again, your comments were my absolute favorite part about the giveaway. To enter the giveaway, I asked you to share what you think of when you hear “summer nights”. Many of you immediately thought of the song from Grease, which honestly had not even entered my mind. Here is just a tiny sampling of some of the other gorgeous images you shared. Honestly, you’re poets!:

  • starry skies and campfires, s’mores and songs – Jenn
  • a glass of wine in the garden in the evening looking at the moon, with my husband sitting beside me – Helen
  • A cold drink and good conversation on the patio with friends. Staying up late, talking late into the night. – Amanda
  • Star gazing and fireflies – Monique B.
  • I remember back when we used to arrive at the beach after dark and you could hear and smell the ocean, but not see the waves washing up on the shore. It held the promise of warm days on the sand and wading in the water to cool off. Happy times. – Amelia V,
  • Summer nights… trees, black silhouettes against deepening dark blues of the sky… Soft breezes bringing a cool freshening, chasing the day’s heat… A cacophony of frogs, joined by the insistent chirping of crickets… Mystical, magical periodic blinking of fireflies (“lightening bugs”)… The scent of summer blossoms and growing, ripening gardens all around, lulling and delighting with every breath taken… “Day’s end, and all is right”, now, in this moment of time… – Pat T.

and finally, my favorite, which really should be published somewhere awesome:

Summer nights of my long ago childhood includes the wonderful memories of visiting my cousins in rural South Eastern Oklahoma. We would be playing as dusk started settling in. Dinner would have been enjoyed by the crowd of extended family. Always enough, always super tasty, never fancy. Then the adults would settle into their metal lawn chairs as we children raced around the yard. I can remember the low buzzing of their conversation as we played. They were talking about times before us and so we went about creating our own memories, not really sharing theirs. The light would fade and fade until it was almost completely dark around us, the porch light left on, but it’s beam barely reaching into the darkness. Beyond its beam, hidden in the dusk the adults would still carry on with their reminiscing, the murmuring and occasional sound of laughter a constant backdrop to our continued play. And this is when the magic happened. The magic of fireflies. First just a few, then finally a full chorus of them in the dark. Somehow jars would magically appear in our hands. The game was on! Cousins and I dashed as we tried to catch the elusive insects, nothing like the brash ugly insects bashing themselves around the back light porch! These were silent and graceful, taking all your skill to try to catch one as its light flickered on and off and on and off, teasing us to catch it.
So, that’s what I think of when summer nights are mentioned. I hope there are children still out there chasing fireflies and letting them go, barely hearing the history of their people as it’s murmured from lawn chairs that still sit under the clump of trees. It has been years and years since I have seen a firefly. Are they still out there? – magistra13

You probably want to know who won, though, right? Mr. Random chose number 74, which was Linda.

Summer nights winner

Congratulations, Linda! Your bundle will be mailed out tomorrow. Enjoy stitching with watermelon juice running down your chin! For those of you who didn’t win this one, you can buy this bundle from Fiddlehead Artisan Supply’s online shop (or in person) until they sell out!

It’s a big stash building day, since not only am I bolstering Linda’s stash, but I am also sharing a few new fabric bits that I bought at Maine Quilts for my own English Paper Piecing (EPP) stash. I love tone on tones, but meticulous cutting (also known as fussy cutting) is best with busier prints with lots going on.

stash building fussy cutting bundleHere is my full haul, from windswept kids to flowers (what!? I bought floral prints!?) to awesome sloths.

Meticulous cutting fussy cutting fabric pullThese first three fabrics were purchased from Alewives Fabrics, and are intended to work together in a currently unplanned future EPP project. From top to bottom, I bought:

  • 1/2 yard of Zephyr by Rashida Coleman Hale for Cotton & Steel
  • 1/4 yard of Picnic by Melody Miller for Cotton & Steel
  • 1 yard of Moon Shine by Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics

I typically don’t buy (or like, for that matter) floral prints, but that Moon Shine just drew me in and made me say uncle. I think the bold black background with the bright red, lime green, and turquoise combo just begs to be cut up and sewn back together in a fun geometric EPP way. I decided to add in a bit of the red Picnic and a generous splash of the limey green Zephyr, and there we have a solid beginning to a new project.

Flora Bazzar in Orchid by Joel Dewberry for FreeSpirit FabricsI also bought 1/2 yard of this Floral Bazzar in Orchid by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit Fabrics. Again, it’s far more floral than I typically buy, but the diverse and detailed print just begs to be meticulously cut and pieced back together. I loved the color combination of the bright navy blue, coral, magenta, and grey and so bought this as a feature fabric for yet another not-yet-planned future EPP project. Just look at all of the variation in this one print!

Flora Bazzar in Orchid by Joel Dewberry for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Flora Bazzar in Orchid by Joel Dewberry for FreeSpirit FabricsSame fabric, different perspective, and an entirely new look, which means this will be FUN to chop!

Sloths from Honeymoon by Sarah Watts for Cotton & SteelFinally, these sloths!! Seriously, how could I NOT buy some of this fabric?! This is the epic sloth fabric, Sketches & Memories from Costa Rica from Honeymoon by Sarah Watts for Cotton & Steel. I bought 1/2 yard of this fabric from Fiddlehead Artisan Supply‘s booth at Maine Quilts. I don’t know what I’m going to make with it yet, but I just couldn’t resist. I surely will need to buy more, and might make a sloth bag just so that I can tote these guys around everywhere.

Did you know that I have a degree in Environmental science and saw sloths in Costa Rica while there for a Tropical Biology class? It wasn’t my honeymoon–maybe we should have gone to Costa Rica–but it sure is a memory, and I’m pretty sure I have a sketch (or at least a photograph) somewhere!

Does fabric ever talk to you, grab your wrist, and refuse to let you go without buying some? And then snuggle you the whole way home? Okay, good. I’m not weird.

I’m linking up with Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash, where he shows us the finer points of the not-so-floral Liberty prints.

Maine Quilts 2015

maine quilts quilt show 2015This weekend was the annual Maine Quilts quilt show hosted by the Pine Tree Quilt Guild, and I went on Sunday to see all of the gorgeous quilts. While there, I not only got to soak in the quilty goodness that comes with strolling around a quilt show, but also got to meet some of you quilty friends from blogland!

maine quilts quilt show 2015
Sue and Sharon next to their quilts. It was so great to meet you two!

Much of the quilt show consisted of traditionally pieced quilts, but the modern quilt movement is clearly taking hold in Maine. Here are photos of some of the quilts that grabbed my attention in the show, both traditional and modern.

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Still Have Scraps Left!” by Diana Wells Rauch

maine quilts quilt show 2015I think the names of the quilts cracked me up more at this show than any other I’ve been to… okay, I’ve only ever been to QuiltCon. But still, some of the quilt names were great! Postage stamp quilts, or quilts made entirely from 1″ squares always amaze me. This one was no exception. AMAZING. And she still has scraps.

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Ayah My Deeya Sistah’s Wicked Wahm Kwilt” by Allyson J. Korsiak

maine quilts quilt show 2015You know you’re in Maine when…. quilts have names like this! This one made me laugh out loud and I just couldn’t pass by without taking a photo. For those of you who need a translation, this says, “My Dear Sister’s Extremely Warm Quilt” in Maine-speak.

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Convergence” by Beth Maitland

This was one of my favorite quilts in the show. I’m sure you have no idea why (rainbows, anyone?).

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Icy Waters” by Betsy Cannan – Pattern by Amy Garro
maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Texting While Sewing Version 2.0” by Nadine Villani – Pattern by Lee Heinrich

It was fun to see some familiar patterns sewn up by local quilters. I saw the original Icy Waters by Amy Garro at QuiltCon, and spotted this one by Betsy Cannan from across the room. The Supernova quilt by Nadine was another eye-catcher, and I know how much work goes into each of those blocks! Gorgeous!

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Northern Wilderness” by Lynn Davis

maine quilts quilt show 2015This gorgeous quilt was one of the Viewer’s Choice winners. I loved the intricate detail and combination of quintessential Maine icons with quilt blocks.

maine quilts quilt show 2015
“Spirit” by Georgia Spaulding Pierce
maine quilts quilt show 2015
Sometimes, asking the white gloves to show you a quilt back is almost more inspiring than seeing the front!

The quilting on this quilt was absolutely stunning. It makes me want to practice my free motion quilting skills and densely quilt everything!

I am definitely going to submit a quilt (or more) next year, and am newly inspired to get some finishes completed!