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Color Inspiration Thursday {36}

The snow just keeps on coming. Just about every other day for the past two weeks, we have had a snowstorm drop another 6-12″ of snow. We live in a veritable snow fortress! I know a lot of New Englanders are getting tired of it, but I admit–I still love it. It’s so pristine and gorgeous, and to be honest, having to dig tunnels to get out our front door is living a childhood dream for me. Walking down those paths with snow towering on either side is just so cool! My children love it, too, so I won’t be complaining.

Loving the snow  doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind a little getaway to the tropics. Here are my final photos from our vacation in Cozumel and Belize early last month. Color palettes are created using Play Crafts’ Palette Builder 2.1 and my photographs.

green palm leaf color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Palm, Ivy, Grasshopper, Lime, O.D. Green, Olive

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
5021 – Light Grey
2887 – Olive
5018 – Grass Green
2888 – Fern Green
4173 – Dk Olive
5015 – Gold Yellow

With all this white, I really needed some green. We are nearing the time of year when I feel that strong desire to grow something–anything! and often get my seeds planted under a grow light. There’s something about the tiny green sprouts of new life that help make the last cold days of winter linger a little less closely. This color palette gives me a good dose of green during a very green-less season!

belize flowers color palette

Corresponding solids from left to right:
Bella Cherry, Kona Wine, Kona Hunter Green, Kona Basil, Bella Avocado, Bella Popsicle, Bella Cayenne

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
2395 – Pumpkin Spice
2355 – Rust
5021 – Light Grey
2892 – Pine
2887 – Olive
2230 – Med Peony
2270 – Paprika

These bright beauties were spotted at Bacab Eco Park in Belize. Bright flowers sure know how to brighten a snowy day. I added an extra color to this palette, because I really wanted the pinks and reds to be well represented. In playing around with this palette, I also discovered that Play Crafts has been updating their Palette Builder! Now not only can you get matching Kona Cottons, but you can also get matching Moda Bella solids OR opt for “All Solids”, which will match the closest color regardless of collection. I love this option, since I’ve noticed that some of the Kona matches aren’t always true to the color in the palette/photo, so adding the entire pool of Moda solids to the mix is a great idea! This makes the available matches quite long, though, so I plan to include a little of each in my Color Inspiration posts each week. I most likely will opt for “All Solids” and will list the best matching fabric solids for each palette, in addition to the matching Aurifil thread. Quilty color overload!

Do you mix and match your solids when you quilt, or do you opt for all one brand?

Color Inspiration Thursday {35}

The landscape here is pure white, after Juno dropped about two feet of snow early this week. It’s sunny  today, so it’s glistening and glimmering like only a huge blanket of fresh snow can. With more snow coming this weekend (forecast says a foot or more, potentially) and temperatures in the single digits, I thought it would be a fine time to revisit the tropics. Today’s color inspiration palettes feature palm trees (sigh) and beach life. You can’t go wrong with a reminiscent trip to the hot sandy beach! Palettes are made using Play Crafts’ Palette builder 2.1 and my photographs.

palm tree texture color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Forest, O.D. Green, Charcoal, Snow, Dresden Blue, Blue

I have to include another detail of the texture found on palm trees. Just look at that texture!! If there’s anything in nature that is reminiscent of fabric, this is it. I love the subdued resulting color palette, too. Those blues are so soothing.

palm tree color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Forest, Avocado, White, Seafoam, Sprout, Steel

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
5021 – Light Grey
5023 – Medium Green
2024 – White
2845 – Lt Juniper
2908 – Spearmint
2625 – Arctic Ice

Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up! No palm tree photo collection is complete without some of those delicious coconuts. We were able to drink coconut water from a coconut in Belize, which was a memory I really wanted to create for my kids. I remember a few very clear moments from my trip to Puerto Rico when I was four years old, and one of those is drinking out of a coconut!

tropical water color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Graphite, Niagra, Sage, Glacier, Teal Blue, Everglade

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
1126 – Blue Grey
2810 – Turquoise
2815 – Teal
4093 – Jade
1310 – Med Blue Grey
4182 – Med Turquoise

“The color of the ocean in the tropics” has long been my favorite color. Sure, you could call it turquoise if you want, but that one word, as eloquent and beautiful as it is, just doesn’t fully express the gorgeousness of the tropical ocean. This color palette grabs all of the subtle differences that make the ocean as blissfully beautiful as it is.


Color Inspiration Thursday {34}

Are you ready for another fantasy trip to the tropics?! I know I am! It’s still hovering in the single and barely-double digits here in Maine, so I am going to savor these tropical palettes today. As per usual, color palettes are created with Play Crafts’ Palette Builder 2.1 and my photographs. Matching Kona cottons and Aurifil thread are awesomely provided with the palette builder. Today’s photographs were taken in Cozumel, Mexico.

palm tree texture color palette

 Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Charcoal, Mushroom, Pewter, Fog, Sky, Spring

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
4241 – V Dk Grey
2370 – Sandstone
2605 – Grey
6720 – Slate
2710 – Lt Robins Egg
2850 – Med Juniper

I’ll start off with another palm tree photograph since I’ve already established my love of palm trees. I love the texture in this photographic study of the alternating bark pattern on the trunk of a palm tree. The splash of blues and green paired with the color gradient of grays is just icing on the cake. Thinking about texture and quilting makes me think about Doe. I was recently reflecting on Carolyn Friedlander’s new fabric line Doe, and realized that one of the big reasons I love her fabrics so much is the diverse and intense texture in each one. Texture and color play so well together, and Carolyn manages to design fabrics that convey a strong texture, either while playing delightfully with color or in the wonderfully all-purpose low volumes for which she is so well known.

catamaran sail boat color palette

Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Titanium, Coal, Silver, Cadet–or–Charcoal, Ruby, Taupe

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
2610 – Lt Blue Grey
1246 – Grey
2615 – Aluminum
2606 – Mist
2230 – Med Poppy
4012 – Copper Brown

Since we are voyaging to the hot and sunny beach in the tropics. it only seems right to include a catamaran to take us out snorkeling–or just sail us around on a breezy, sun-bathing booze cruise–at least those of us who are not currently with-child (come pick me up in July)!. The color palette resulting from this photo is a quintessential nautical palette, in my opinion. You’ve got your blues and grays, with those shining stars navy blue and a pop of red. Go ahead and sail away… but come back soon!

I’m linking up with #ThankfulThursday on Yvonne aka Quilting Jetgirl’s blog since I’m ALWAYS thankful for the color all around us, and that I can see it. I’m also thankful for the hot memories from Cozumel to help warm me on this frigid winter’s day!