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Color Inspiration Thursday {31}

Shortly after the inaugural People Palette post featuring a colorful selfie by Joshua Helms of Molli Sparkles, another Instagrammed quilty selfie caught my eye. It’s high time it take center stage for our second-ever People Palette, a special edition of my weekly Color Inspiration Thursday. Without further ado, here’s the luminous Zoe Ingram, in her gorgeous and bright selfie.

zoe ingram from instagram people palette

 Corresponding Kona cottons from left to right:
Shadow, Coffee, Taupe, Latte, Honey, Peony

Corresponding Aurifil thread from left to right:
2600 – Dove
5034 – Dark Brown
1140 – Bark
2315 – Pale Flesh
2335 – Lt Cinnamon
2410 – Pale Pink

Can you totally see why I had to make this photo into a color palette!? The resulting palette is so smooth, yet bright, and a wonderful combination of taupe and ranges of brown–with delicious Kona cotton names like Coffee, Latte, and Honey–and a splash of Peony pink!

I first became aware of Zoe Ingram when I won a bundle of her gorgeous fabric line Carried Away. I quickly blogged about my fortuitous stash building and not long thereafter, Zoe contacted me asking if she could use my photographs of her fabric on her blog. It was an absolute star-struck moment, and of course I agreed. I love photographing fabric and all things fiber (and all things in general, actually), and would LOVE to expand my repertoire to “fabric photographer” or something along those lines. This was a fun peek into that world.

My photograph of Zoe's fabric on Zoe's website. *starstruck*
My photograph of Zoe’s fabric on Zoe’s website. *starstruck*

Anyway, back to Zoe. Since my first introduction, I’ve been following Zoe’s Daily Journal (visual diary) posts on Instagram, as well as her newest endeavor, Project Adelaide. Project Adelaide is a year long collaboration between Adelaide artists, Kate Mason & Zoe Ingram in which they are capturing hidden gems of beautiful Adelaide, Australia through their drawings.  As someone who heavily finds inspiration in visual things, I have loved watching these daily drawings by Kate & Zoe emerge. In addition to designing fabric, Zoe creates gorgeous, fresh works of art and recently has added some of her daily journal works to her shop in the form of prints, bags, note cards, and even pillows.

One of my favorite's: A tote bag featuring Zoe's original artwork, available in her Etsy shop.
One of my favorite’s: A tote bag featuring Zoe’s original artwork, available in her Etsy shop.

I asked Zoe to answer three short questions to help the world get to know the color inspiration star of the week a little more intimately:

Where do you fit into the worldwide family tree of quilting?
I design bolt fabric for the quilting industry with Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

What is the #1 most played song on your iPod?
At the moment it’s Budapest by George Ezra

What is your least favorite mode of transportation?

If you could choose anyone, who would you choose as your mentor?
Lilla Rogers

You can follow Zoe and see more of her work here:

Are you a quilter, fabric designer, or other pillar in the quilting world? Do you like to take colorful selfies? Would you like to be a color inspiration rockstar? If you answered yes to any of these questions, drop me a line or tag me @nightquilter on Instagram with your selfie! People Palettes will pop up every so often in my Color Inspiration posts from now on. Thank you for the inspiration, Zoe!

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All color palettes are created using Play Crafts’ Palette Builder 2.1.

Stash Building: Fabric Shoppe Winnings

I don’t always enter giveaways on Instagram since I don’t want my feed to be swamped with reposts, but every once in a while there’s one so gorgeous that I just can’t help but enter. A couple weeks ago, I reposted, tagged, and followed @fabricshoppejody in the hopes of winning this lovely Carried Away bundle. And I actually won! Carried Away was designed by Zoe Ingram for Robert Kaufman Fabrics and features some of my favorite colors, not to mention feathers!

IG Fabric Shoppe GiveawayThus, my fabric stash grew a little bit last week when the lovely bundle arrived in the mail. Thank you so much to Jody from the Fabric Shoppe for this awesome giveaway, and for adding the very first feather fabric to my stash–I know, hard to believe I haven’t bought any feather fabric yet!

This weekend, we finally had a somewhat sunny day on which I attempted to capture its beauty.

carried away bundle from fabric shoppe jody

Of course I had my usual helpers around, and my son wanted to be in the thick of the action more than usual.

Max helping

carried away bundle from fabric shoppe jody

carried away bundle from fabric shoppe jody

carried away bundle from fabric shoppe jody

I just love the feather prints and I’m trying to decide what to make out of this bundle. I’m dreaming of finally attempting a Sew Together Bag, but I’m also terrified. Four zippers?! How many pockets?! A BAG!? I’ve only really attempted quilts and one extremely basic, somewhat flimsy shoulder bag. We shall see. Either way, I’m super excited to add this bundle to my slowly growing stash.

What would you make with this bundle?

I’ll leave you with one last photo of my little helper, since he’s awfully cute. Then again, I’m biased.

My helpful little builder.
My helpful little builder.