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I’m excited to partner with great brands to share my love of their products and services. It just seems natural to me to share specifics about fabrics, notions, and tools that I find particularly fabulous. I believe in only promoting products and shops that I personally love, and affiliate links mean that I get a small kick-back when you buy them, without any added cost to you! It’s a win-win. Here are some of my favorite tools!


SewTites are amazing magnetic pins that work wonders for holding your pieces together while hand stitching. I use them for EPP the most, but have them handy all the time, since not only are they a great replacement for pins and clips, but they double as a needle-minder. I love these things!

Use code NIGHTQUILTER for 10% off your SewTites order!!


I always recommend purchasing items from a local quilt shop or small business first, but some things just aren’t widely available. Here are some tools that I haven’t found anywhere other than Amazon:

Photography Gear


Neewer 700W Professional 24×24″ Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer 32″x32″ Photo Studio Shooting Tent

When you live in a place like Maine, where winters consist of a 2 hour window of decent light before the blue haze of winter dusk sets in, supplemental lights are super helpful. I love these Neewer products!


Phone Tripod Mount, Mountdog Smartphone Tripod Adaptor so that you can use any tripod you have to support your iPhone!


Camera tripod with bluetooth remote and phone holder. This is a different brand than the tripod I have, but looks very similar in terms of functionality and durability.

Manfroto Micro Friction Arm & Nano Clamp, for clamping your camera or phone to a handlebar or pole! Easy maneuverability, and sturdy foundations.


Background Stand 8′ tall x 10′ wide – for holding quilts when you need to photograph solo and want to get that flat shot in a gorgeous spot.

Gaffer tape – for safely securing your quilts to stone, brick, or other non-painted surfaces. Comes in many colors!

Muslin clamps for holding a quilt where you want it. Can be used to clamp the quilt to the backdrop/quilt frame, or can be used to help guide the drape out of sight during a styled photo.

Alligator Clips are great for holding your quilt on the quilt frame discretely. Be sure to use a lot and evenly space out the weight as you clip your quilt to the frame to avoid damage to the fabric.

Black nylon paracord blends right in with dark backgrounds. Available in many colors–choose the one that best will blend in with your chosen backdrop. Helpful for photographing smaller quilts hung between trees when paired with alligator clips. Remember to pull that cord tightly so that the top is level!

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  1. Hi,
    I met you the day you bought your new sewing machine at cotton Cupboard. how do you like it? I’m considering purchasing one saturday as it is on sale.Any input?


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