dr seuss quilt displayed for raffle

March Finish {ALYoF}: Dr Seuss Diamonds Quilt

I managed to finish my March goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes quite early, so this is just a recap for the sake of linking up and meeting my March goal requirements. I basically began and finished the Dr. Seuss Diamonds quilt during the month of March, which is nothing short of amazing! It just goes to show how much tiny little windows of progress add up to a completed project. As I’ve said in previous posts, I made this quilt as a donation to a fundraiser at my daughter’s preschool. Each grade put together a basket to be either auctioned or raffled off at a Poetry Jam that took place last night, and the Pre-K’s basket had a Dr. Seuss theme.

dr seuss quilt displayed for raffle
Here is my quilt, displayed under clear plastic (!!!) with the rest of the epically awesome Dr. Seuss raffle basket items.

I’m happy to report that the fundraiser Poetry Jam went really well! The school raised over $700 from all of the baskets, which for a small rural school of only 50-60 students is pretty stellar! One of my daughter’s preschool friends won the Dr. Suess basket (and quilt), too, so I’m happy that it will be well loved. I have no idea how much the quilt and basket helped earn, but the ticket box was stuffed to the brim with tickets. I’m pleased as punch at the outcome.

dr seuss fundraiser quilt finish

If you’d like to see more about the quilt, visit my post Friday Finish: Dr. Seuss Diamonds Quilt, or to see progress read When Duty Calls: A Dr. Seuss Raffle Quilt or Dr. Seuss Flimsy Finish.

I’m linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes, and I’m plotting what project to choose for April! I’m on a roll so far!


11 thoughts on “March Finish {ALYoF}: Dr Seuss Diamonds Quilt”

  1. what a wonderful outcome! so happy for you and the school that your quilt was a very popular item! and you know who will be cuddling up with it! sweet!


  2. I just knew that the right little girl would get your quilt! Since she is your daughter’s friend then her parents most certainly know that it was handmade too and stress the beauty and art of it… and I’m sure you’ll get some nice firsthand feedback too. PLUS, you daughter can go visit your quilt from time to time too!

    Wow, March start and March finish… impressive!


  3. You should be pleased. It looks so great with all of the Dr. Seuss books. I’m actually feeling a little jealous of the recipient after seeing the spread. Way to squeeze it in and make a difference for your little school.


  4. Congrats on the fundraising efforts, that’s wonderful that you raised so much! I love how great your Seuss quilt looks all laid out with the other Seuss items.


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