visible mending


The internet has been down for most of the week here at home, which translates to radio silence on this here blog. My goal for the year was “Balance”, after all, so maybe it was decided that I needed to take a blogging break. Either way, here’s a little peek at what I’ve been doing during the silence.

visible mending

I mended my first pair of jeans. Yes, I know, it’s a little embarrassing that as an almost-34 year old, I have yet to mend clothes. I did try mending a hole in a pair of jeans a couple years back, but it was such an epic fail I can hardly count it. This time I used a patch cut from another pair of old holey jeans, zig zag stitched the edges to prevent fraying, and hand stitched it on with Aurifil floss. Many thanks to Dorie (@tumblingblocks on IG) for the inspiration and tips! The floss was gorgeous to work with, but I was later informed (thanks for the heads up, Sam!) that embroidery floss won’t be strong enough to hold up well as a jeans knee patch. I plan to supplement the stitching with a rainbow of perle cotton and hope for the best. At least it looks awesome, and these favorite post-partum maternity-esque jeans are ready to wear post-baby. It is so peaceful to sit and stitch while sitting next to my kiddos watching a movie. Balance, right?

skinny fabric scraps for the birds

I put my skinny strip scraps outside for the birds. I’ve never tried this before, but have seen that others save their fabric shavings to put out during nest-building season. I’ve been saving my skinnies all winter so I’m really hopeful that we see some colorful, soft nests around the yard this year!

alison glass prismatic medallion mini quilt progress

I’ve been working on my Prismatic Medallion mini quilt for my Alison Glass Mini Quilt swap partner. I’m still waiting on a few fabrics, but I’m loving the progress so far!

bean sprout foundation paper piecing pattern

I made a bit of progress on my newest foundation paper piecing pattern, Bean Sprout. Can you tell my mind is on spring?

planting seeds

We finally planted seeds. Today, April 3rd, we FINALLY got seeds into planters. It’s far too cold to plant seeds in the ground still, especially since there are still multiple feet of snow on top, but starting seeds inside is one of my favorite parts about spring. It felt so good to get dirt under my fingernails! Last year, we planted seeds in late February, so waiting until April is crazytown. This winter was just so brutal it felt wrong to plant seeds when the temperatures were in the teens and the snow just kept coming. I’m hoping the seeds still get a good enough head start to flourish once the garden is ready for them.

Back outside I go to enjoy this glorious day with my kids. The weekend forecast is for more snow (it darn well better not stick!), but I know that spring is near. Hope, balance, love. That’s what life is about!

13 thoughts on “Balance”

  1. Kitty,
    Happy Easter – love the idea of putting out the scrap fabric for the birds. I am finishing a present for a friend. They are wool mittens with Possum in the mixture. The wool is from New Zealand – has this lovely brown/grey colour. I hope she won’t get to wear them until the fall. The medallion quilt is absolutely gorgeous – such fantastic colours and it reminds me of stained glass. I have been eying the Alison Glass fabrics on one of my favourite online sites – I may cave and buy some. Just know it will be your fault. 🙂 Sustained melting going on here in Halifax. Makes me happy to see the snirt (I love that word from one of your readers!).


  2. SO much to say about this post!! The patch on your jeans – great idea and it looks great! The skinny strips for bird nests – what a great idea! I’ve never seen that before! And that mini. . . cannot wait to see how this one comes together – it is looking seriously awesome!!


  3. Balance is really hard to do, especially with small kids in the picture. I know first hand! Somehow being creative is one thing that helps me feel balanced myself. I did notice that some of my best work has been either right before a new little one, or right after. It is reflected in your projects now. .. your PP block could be very symbolic of your current life stage.

    Lots of fun projects going on. .. love the skinny strips for the birds idea!


  4. Bean sprout is really cute! Snow is melting every day here in Newfoundland, though we still have several feet left to go. At least the mud is reappearing at the edges of the roads! Come on, spring!!


  5. Your hand stitching is inspiring! I need to get started on that AG swap – your piece looks great so far! I’m standing in an airport with a baby on front and a backpack on back… I’m balanced, technically, but I need more metaphorical balance with a bit of sewing. 😉


  6. It looks like no internet gave you a very productive week! I don’t even know where to begin. The Alison Glass quilt is looking just as lovely as you imagined. Your seeds are looking so hopeful. This jeans look divine. I’ve been really wanting to do that to a pair of my jeans shorts. This is good motivation. And I too hope you have some soft and beautiful nests around your home this spring.


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