finn 6 month milestone quilt

Half Birthday: 6 Months

I’m proud to report that it took me six months before I “missed” a monthly milestone quilt block deadline for Finn’s baby quilt. Saturday marked six months since Finn’s birth; his half birthday! With a block still not sewn up, but a gorgeously warm and sunny day filled with family fun on the schedule (my husband’s company holiday party for kids at the bounce house, choosing and cutting our Christmas tree, getting it home and setting it up, stringing lights, and even decorating!), there was no way I was going to meet the deadline. But, here we are two three* whole days later and guess what? Finn is still six months old! This is both a good practice in being gentle with myself, and a reminder that perhaps waiting until the last minute isn’t working for me in this stage of life. (*He’s teething and has a bit of a cold, so repeated wakings last night meant this post did not get up before my bedtime as hoped. Life with a baby!)

finn 6 months milestone quilt
This baby is sooooo big!

There’s always next month! Anyway, on to the fun! Finn is six months old already! He’s sitting a lot more sturdily, although still topples backward now and again. finn 6 months milestone quiltHe still army crawls all over the house, but has begun to come up onto all fours and rock back and forth with a giant grin. He’s beginning to “complain” when he doesn’t like something–namely the carseat and riding in the car, but other than that he’s still a very agreeable, smiley, happy boy. Plus, I have no complaints about Finn being able to express his feelings.

finn 6 months milestone quilt

finn 6 months milestone quilt
Yummy flexible baby snack.

I had to get more creative with this photo shoot since when I put Finn down on his back, he immediately rolls to his belly. Painters tape to the wall for the win! I’m still working on figuring out lighting, but I’m sure you can enjoy these photos even with some shadows.

finn 6 months milestone quiltI love seeing the quilt come together and feel like we are really beginning to get a glimpse of the look of the finished quilt. I know that we have no idea what Finn will be like at one year, but at least the quilt is beginning to take real shape in my mind.

finn 6 months milestone quiltShall I set a new goal? I hope to make his 7 month block before Christmas. We’ll see if I can meet it! But I do know that even if I don’t, it’s ok. Life is life, and I am trying to enjoy every moment, even if it means I blog less, quilt less, and snuggle more. Finn is growing before my eyes, as we can all see through this project. Baby snuggles still and will always trump all else.

Happy sewing! Happy snuggling.



16 thoughts on “Half Birthday: 6 Months”

  1. Absolutely snuggle your precious little (and not so little) ones more, Kitty! (I don’t think it’s possible to over snuggle!) What a lovely surprise to see Finn sitting up in front of his special quilt. I agree with him–cute enough to eat 🙂


  2. Kitty, you are making all the right choices! The quilt is growing as far as Finn. I love seeing his photos! Looks like he’s happy with the results!


  3. Ahh Kitty – he is sweet and every month I see him getting more interactive and interested in his environment. Ok I learned to be much kinder to myself once #3 arrived. It is a very different world when you are outnumbered. So I used mixes occasionally and did not get worried if we had the same dinner three nights in a row (as long as there were veggies). Sooo be good to yourself, set manageable goals and don’t hit yourself if something takes more time. You will be further slowed down once he gets mobile!!!


  4. Wow! He looks so much bigger now that he’s sitting up! All grown up all of a sudden, it seems. I’m still in awe that you can sew anything. When mine were young it seemed I couldn’t accomplish anything because I was just exhausted all the time.


  5. My vote is for “life is life”, and that we’ll still come back even if it takes longer than you would like to get something sewn or blogged. Christmas time somehow seems to drastically multiply that feeling of frustration of what needs to get done and what we want to get done.

    Oh, boy… sitting at 6 months! Hold on tight… my big guy was sitting at 6 months and walking at 10! But a 10 month blur photo will be fun too! Love the toe discovery pic!


  6. It IS okay if you miss a deadline for yourself! Finn is looking handsome and happy and healthy. I pray those blessings will continue as he keeps growing into a wonderful little one-year-old. Half way!


  7. Look at him all sitting up and smiley! I am so envious of this series of posts, Kitty. I wish I had your creative mind and had done it for my kiddos. And *elbow bump* to you for giving yourself a break on not being 100% on time with the milestone block/post. A wonderful day out in the real world is always more important than something in the digital one.
    P.S. No one even notices the shadows with that little face in the frame!


  8. At least you are taking photos of him. My husband, who is a third child, says the camera was put away by the time he came around! 🙂
    If you think sitting and rolling are hard to photograph, think forward to when all you might be able to catch is a blur as he runs around.


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