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Sunday Musings and Why I Quilt

This morning during the weekly coffee date I have with my husband and youngest son while our big kids are at Sunday school, while I was soaking in the bliss of a peaceful moment, I had a fleeting thought of how lovely it would be to write a bit while sitting there in the quiet West Market Square Coffee house. Isn’t that where many people write? In the peace of a moment in the corner of a coffee house while enjoying a latte and a delicious piece of almond coffee cake? But then, Finn eagerly handed me a carefully curated word built with Bananagram tiles in his little palm by my loving husband, and I realized that this moment was not for writing about quilting. I took a quick photo, then put my phone away. With this daily writing challenge on my mind, I’m realizing that my lack of writing is not because of other tasks getting in the way; it’s because little people are always needing, wanting, and deserving of my attention.

We spent the rest of the day in the thick of Sunday family activity: we went to church, went out for a special family brunch at Dysarts (those familiar with Maine will know the draw of a good Dysarts breakfast), then headed off to our local tree farm to cut the perfect, tallest-one-yet, Christmas tree. I sit here now, the rest of the family asleep, typing by the glow of the lights of that tree, which was fully dressed in lights and ornaments before the kids would even think about heading up to bed. It was a full day, an exhausting day, and one during which I didn’t stitch a single stitch or write a single word (until now), but that’s ok.

As I opened my laptop to write, I saw that my dear friend Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl wrote today about why she quilts, and her post really resonated with me. I found myself reading along, nodding, reminiscing, and reflecting. I highly recommend heading over to her blog, giving it a read, and joining the conversation. I especially love the part where she talks about what she believes and wants other quilters to believe–absolutely, this!!

I think it’s so important to reflect on why we do the things we do, and especially on a day–a weekend, really–during which I did zero quilting or sewing or writing, it’s the perfect time to revisit some posts I wrote on the topic a couple years ago. In reading through these, the reasons still ring true. I definitely have another post to add to the series, though, since much of why I quilt and make now are for the sake of my own sanity. Quilting is an escape from the busyness and chaos of life with little kids. I’ve come to realize that it’s part of my self care regimen, and fortunately for me, my family does, too.

I still very much quilt because I love to make beautiful things, and I love to wrap my loved ones in gifts from the heart, and I love to share inspiration. I also find peace in the quiet of my sewing loft, matching seams and choosing color flow, watching beauty come from tiny pieces of fabric.

Here are my original reflections in case you’d like to reminisce with me:

make beautiful things
Photo by Liz West, used from Flickr with Creative Commons. Text added by me.

Missing June {Why I Quilt}

gift of love quiltThe Gift of Love {Why I Quilt}

I could write pages on the sanity that comes from sewing, but for now, I’m going to head to bed since sleep is another KEY factor in my self care regimen, and it’s one that often gets left by the wayside to make up for other things (like late night sewing and crack-of-dawn-waking toddlers).

Here’s to a good night’s sleep, and the promise of a naptime sewing session tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Musings and Why I Quilt”

  1. Self-care is definitely a huge aspect of the “why I quilt” process, and I’m so amazed at how people can balance so much in their lives and find quilting as a creative outlet in small moments of time during the week. It sounds like your Sunday was full but full of the things that makes the heart glow.


  2. Great post. Fun that you are able to cut down your own tree. I’ve never tried Dysarts when we are in Maine. Will have to remember to check it out if we ever travel that way again.


  3. You know Kitty with three young children – even if I couldn’t sew I could summon up the energy to pat fabric, reorganize it. Even if the family budget was low – a fat quarter was still affordable. Now I work full time and while there are no little people, I want to go to bed by 9:30 so I can be civil. So what I do is take courses – preferably things which stretch my abilities – fabric printing; a complicated quilt pattern; colour (yes with a u) theory. I only create small projects that I can finish. And I have a list which I slowly work at finishing all the WIP – but with no deadline. There is no joy to adding stress. I am now looking at my basement and trying to find a spot to create a sewing room – so I can organize and play and not put things away. Why is this necessary. By nature I have a creative spirit. When I don’t have any time to use that part of my brain, a part of me doesn’t exist. And it is the fun part of me… So, carve out time, take a class, trade kids for a couple of hours. You will come back refreshed and ready to deal with anything.


  4. My #3 of 3 is now a junior in college. So many choices have opened up for women and we want to believe we can do it all. We can – just not at the same time! Over time you will look back and say – wow, why did I pressure myself to do more when my kids were young? Your time is truly not your own. But that will change and you will be so glad you stashed that fabric and dreamed of projects. What I loved about those little segments I did get was that I produced something permanent that I didn’t have to do over…again (cooking, laundry etc).


  5. I love your writing style. You share your words as though we are participating in a warm and comfortable conversation. Your words seem relaxed and natural, not forced or artificial. Thank you for taking me along on your adventure! Warm thoughts! 🙂


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