finn 8 month milestone quilt

Exploration: 8 Months

If I thought Finn was on the move last month, this month takes it literally to another level. A few days ago, I was helping Max get his socks on in the morning and casually glanced over to make sure Finn wasn’t eating anything he shouldn’t. I am so glad I did, since Finn was three steps up, headed gleefully up the stairs! He can crawl, pull up to stand, walk along with movable items, eat solid foods, and now climb stairs. I think he’s beginning to explore communication more, too, since he clearly understands the words and signs for “milk” and “food”, and anytime he sees his brother, he says, “bop!” I’m hoping he starts to sign back soon, since then the fun really begins! This kid is amazing!

finn 8 month milestone quiltAs we know, as Finn grows, so does his quilt. With the eighth block finished, this is really beginning to look like a quilt!

finn 8 month milestone quiltEvery month when I’m writing this post and looking at the quilt, I think perhaps I should up the ante and make two blocks per month to make it a bit larger when finished. But then, when the monthly milestone comes (and sometimes goes before a block is complete… ahem, this month), I remember that the reason I am keeping this project small is that it is meant to be attainable and fun, NOT stressful.

finn 8 month milestone quiltI’ll keep it to one block per month and will focus on the fun. At 36″x48″ finished dimensions, I think it will be the perfect drag-around size for Finn. Plus, this way if he feels like he outgrows his quilt, it can go right into the memory box (in tatters, hopefully) and I will make another one!

finn 8 month milestone quiltfinn 8 month milestone quilt

finn 8 month milestone quilt
Such a helpful boy!

As you can see, Finn enjoyed helping with this month’s photo shoot. All predictions related to the complexity of successfully photographing a fully mobile infant were absolutely correct! All part of the fun!

finn 8 month milestone quiltWho knows what kind of new explorations he’ll be tackling next month! Maybe he will be able to help me tape the blocks UP onto the wall instead of just pulling them off?

finn 8 months milestone quiltIf you want to see the full quilt layout plan, I showed it HERE in the 3 month post. You can see the full progression of Finn and his quilt’s growth so far HERE or by clicking the “Milestone Quilt” tab at the top of my blog. It’s wild to see how he’s grown in such a seemingly short time. Four more blocks to go! Thank you for joining me in creating Finn’s milestone quilt.

20 thoughts on “Exploration: 8 Months”

  1. Love watching the little fellow grow. Just wondering if you are following a pattern or if you are selling it. I couldn’t find it in your store. Would like to try it. Thanks


  2. Oh my goodness, look at him!! He is too cute and growing like a weed. And that grin, so sweet. 🙂 His quilt is looking lovely so far, I love how this project has progressed!


  3. Oh, that twinkle in Finn’s eyes! I suspect the stair climbing is just the beginning of a very fun and wild ride. His quilt is just so gorgeous.


  4. Some of my dearest friends have photos of their babies as they grow and I have to say that yours are my favorite (aside from the friend who is going to be struggling to fit the baby on the shelf in 4 more months!) It’s so beautiful seeing him grow chronicled with that quilt, it will be so cherished when it’s finished 🙂


  5. This is actually something that brought back to memory that I did a few signs with my kids too,… wow, I had almost forgotten about that! Just a few basics… more, please, finished, and thank you, but I have to say that more and finished came in really handy since bi-lingual kids generally start speaking later than children with just one language!

    Help you tape the blocks up next month?… nah… pulling them down is much more fun! And as for your size back and forth questioning… nah, keep it to twelve… it will be more fun for you that way too!


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