carolyn friedlander modern hexies progress

Carolyn Friedlander Modern Hexies Progress

It’s no secret that Carolyn Friedlander is one of my favorite fabric designers. Last year, I made an entire quilt featuring her Doe fabric line, with cameos from Botanics and Architextures. But as her new fabric lines come out and continue to coordinate so well with her originals, I decided I wanted a quilt that truly showcased her varied and gorgeous fabrics. What better than a Modern Hexies mini quilt using Nicole at Modern Handcraft’s fabulous method?!

carolyn friedlander modern hexies progressNow, I’m already putting myself up against a wall a bit, since I began this project after Architextures became all but extinct. I’m hoping, though, with a bit of luck and a few insider tips, I can eventually acquire at least a 2 1/2″ square of each of the fabrics from Architextures.

architextures by carolyn friedlanderThanks to a tip from Allison at Campbell Soup Diaries, I recently picked up one of my all time favorites, plus Ledger in Ivory, from Westwood Acres.

architextures by carolyn friedlanderThrough the #getyourquiltywishesgranted event on Instagram a few months back, I obtained a few more archaic Architextures prints, as well as the Carkai mini charms I’ve nearly made into hexies.  I’m on my way!

hexagons carolyn friedlander fabricI already have basted hexagons from all of Botanics and most of Carkai. I have some scraps left from my Doe quilt, so I’ll see where that brings me and go from there.

backed in text from architextures
Might be a bit too busy for my aesthetic.

I think I will make a few more hexies before ultimately deciding whether to back the hexies in my favorite Essex yarn dyed linen in charcoal, or to stick with solid white. Perhaps I’ll be crazy and use one of the still easily attainable text prints from Architextures as the background. Time will tell.

If you have any tiny (2 1/2″ square at least) scraps of Carolyn’s Architextures fabric, please let me know if I can persuade you to send them my way! I will be happy to compensate with fabric, chocolate, or cash money. And of course gratitude. Lots and lots of gratitude.

I thought I would link up with Lee’s Work in Progress Wednesday, but it appears I’ve been out of the WiP loop long enough to have missed that she’s taking a (potentially permanent) break from her link up.  Oops! Still check out her blog at Freshly Pieced since she’s always making something gorg! I’m also going to go wild and link up with Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash since I’m finally sharing my new CF acquisitions.

17 thoughts on “Carolyn Friedlander Modern Hexies Progress”

  1. Seems like we are on the same hunt, and I am afraid I can’t help you with additional tips and tricks to find the hard-to-get Architextures prints! I bought the same prints at Westwood Acres and am tracing quilt stores to see if they have some leftovers on their shelves. Mwah, barely any luck with that, so I keep looking. If I happen to come across something, Ill let you know!

    Anyway: I really like what you are doing with all these prints, and I love how it showcases how well Friedlanders’ fabrics work together so well. Thanks for showing: its very inspirational!

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  2. Sorry for posting again, but I just wondered which pieces of the Architextures line you are looking for exactly? Maybe I can help by sharing some of mine? I think I dont own that many Architextures prints, but it may well be that I have just the prints you were looking for (you never know!)


  3. How often do designers/fabric manufactures re-release a line? I love her Architecture line. I vote for the gray linen background. It allows each print to stand out. It reminds me a little of Carolyn Friedlander’s quilt design based on Florida orange groves.


  4. I’ve been brainstorming a way to make a hexie quilt that’s not a Grandmother’s Garden and I caught myself staring at the mini mini you sent me (it’s right behind my sewing machine, so it’s hard to miss! Lol). Then you post this project! Now I know where my layout ideas were coming from: YOU! 🙂 Excited to see how this one comes together, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of your rainbows or EPP projects. Good luck finding those treasured fabrics!


  5. Oh, I’m so glad you were able to land some of the green Architextures fabrics… isn’t it great? I have to say that this might be my all time favorite CF fabric. I’m still waiting for my Carkai fabrics. They were in with my Christmas fabrics that got shipped back : (

    Right now I’m leaning towards the dark Essex linen background… the contrast is so nice. Save your precious B&W CF fabric for another projects down the road… you’ll be grabbing for that classic quite often.


  6. What you’re doing with these hexies is wonderful, Kitty. I’ve just checked out 2 fabric search places and found Architextures at each–don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but try:

    Good hunting!


  7. The couple of Botanics prints I have, I think I see already in your collection of hexies. I accidentally bought a yard of the pinstripe print twice, but this has worked out well for me as I think the remaining yard might be a good binding for my Stash Bee quilt.
    If you need a scrap of the white with green/blue pinstripe, the leaves on white background or maybe something orange (I might have a crosshatch, not sure), let me know.


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