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Planning a Colorful Year {& Giveaway}

I have spent the past three months or more psyching myself up for the Quilter’s Planner designed by Stephanie at Late Night Quilter. I’ve dreamt of a year during which I’m organized, on time, and actually accomplishing my goals in a somewhat planned and consistent way. One month into using the Quilter’s Planner and I’m excited to report that it has helped me create a life that fits my vision! I also finally finished sewing the cover, which adds even more color and cheer to the year ahead. To celebrate, I’ll be giving away a Quilter’s Planner! Now is your chance to get one since they are sold out everywhere else! To be clear, the giveaway is for a planner and fabric only. The planner cover shown in this post is mine… BUT there will be instructions on how to make one just like this available soon, and I’m including the fabric needed to make the outer panel in the giveaway!

alison glass quilters planner coverEver since Stephanie announced that she would be teaming up with Amanda at What the Bobbin to provide a tutorial for sewing a personalized planner cover, I’ve been planning to finally cut into my cherished Art Theory panel from Ex Libris by Alison Glass. I am absolutely smitten with the result, and am planning to create a tutorial and piecing instructions for the outer panel in case you would like to make an Alison Glass-themed outer cover, too. (I’m hoping to have it to Stephanie some time next week and she will make it available on the Quilter’s Planner website.)

alison glass quilters planner coverThe cover has the Art Theory panel as the center focal print, with Essex linen in charcoal and coordinating Sun Prints 2016 on the sides. Sun Prints 2016 are arriving in stores now, but Alison was kind enough to send a bit my way in advance for this project. I love how all of her fabric lines coordinate and compliment each other so well!

alison glass quilters planner coverHere’s the full outer cover, without the planner in it. As you can see, I chose cool colors for the front and warm for the back, complete with the appropriate Sun Prints 2016. As I mentioned above, cutting and piecing instructions for recreating this outer panel will be available on the Quilter’s Planner website soon. I absolutely love it!

alison glass quilters planner coverHere is the inside without the planner so that you can see the Bookplate in Charcoal (Ex Libris) pockets paired with the Sticks and Twine in Charcoal (Abacus) lining. I added two ribbons; one marks the current weekly calendar page, and one marks the page on which I’m currently sketching new ideas.

alison glass quilters planner coverI used a bit of Artifact in Charcoal from Abacus as a pen/scissor holder, too. It fits perfectly! Realistically, I most likely will keep my pencil and micron pen in the zip pocket and my scissors in my sewing kit, but I know I have an option to carry them along if need be. Plus, BEAUTY!

alison glass quilters planner coverI found a perfectly coordinating zipper and some fun eggplant colored elastic at my local quilt shop Fiddlehead Artisan Supply. The elastic is designed for bra straps, so it’s sooooo silky smooth.

alison glass quilters planner cover
View of the back of the planner cover, with the gorgeous elastic holding it all together.

I love how the elastic holds the planner together when it’s closed. I have big plans to make a coordinating Super Tote (a Noodlehead pattern) and carrying my planner with me everywhere (scheduled for sometime in the future! LOL).

quilters planner cover alison glassAs you can see, I absolutely love my planner and am very excited to have this finished cover to show to you. I am a big list person, so making the decision to set goals and write out my lists at the beginning of each week and again every morning has been monumental. Not only am I improving at setting and staying on top of realistic sewing and blogging goals, I’m also keeping my house nearly completely clean for the first time ever. The change? A switch from “I should do…” to just doing it. Instead of looking at the dishes and saying “I need to do the dishes” I just put on my dish gloves and dig in. I also space out tasks so that laundry is done in manageable steps instead of left until it’s a mountain with no end in sight. Did the planner work some magic over me? Who knows. Either way, knowing that I have a paper planner with actual listed items I need to cross out each day has made me much more accountable for actually doing the things on my list.

Giveaway time!

Now, for the giveaway! Stephanie was nice enough to send me an extra planner and I want to share it with YOU! I’m also going to include a charm pack of Alison Glass’s Sun Prints 2016, one Art Theory panel in charcoal, and a bit of Robert Kaufman’s Essex linen in charcoal–in other words, all of the fabric needed to create the outside panel for a planner cover just like mine!

Giveaway Quilter's Planner and Fabric BLOGTo enter the giveaway today, tell me your favorite feature of the Quilter’s Planner, OR a feature you’d like to see next year. You can read all about this year’s Quilter’s Planner and can sign up for email updates here. Leave a comment and make sure I’m able to get ahold of you if you win.  If you’re a follower of Night Quilter, leave a second comment telling me how you follow for a second entry.

For those of you who want to be in the loop for next year regardless of whether you win this planner, I definitely recommend signing up for the mailing list at When you sign up, you’ll also immediately receive a PDF of the Individual Project Planning Page. Stephanie will periodically email you new PDFs as she develops them to thank you for your support, and you will be the first to know when preorders open for next year’s planner.

This giveaway is open to US and international participants.  The giveaway will be open until 8pm Wednesday 2/10 when I’ll select the winner randomly with Good luck, and spread the word! This giveaway has ended. The winner will be announced shortly!

I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday, and I’m so excited to have this gorgeous finished planner cover to brighten my days!

Please note that while I usually try to reply to every blog comment by email, due to the volume of comments during giveaways I will not be able to reply to all comments on this post. Know, though, that I read every one and appreciate all of your kind words!!

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390 thoughts on “Planning a Colorful Year {& Giveaway}”

  1. Well the one thing I am excited about -okay two- is the integrated graph paper and the quilt list of things to make. I think that’s important for staying on track and being able to go see what you originally dreamt up.
    It would be super cool to have a color palette section or maybe color palette stickers page where you could try and come up with color schemes. I’m sure that is probably difficult to do but how cool would it be to create color inspiration right next to your patterns?


  2. The whole thing just really looks top-notch! The Projects At A Glance page looks particularly helpful but, really, every part of it does. Thanks for the opportunity to win the planner and the beautiful fabric!


  3. I like the quilt patterns shown, always fun to look at a quilt. I also like the space for each day so there is plenty of room to put in a busy day’s schedule.


  4. I also follow you on email. I love your cover for the Quilter’s Planner! My birthday is Monday and the planner and fabric would be a great way to start celebrating my “double nickle” birthday.


  5. I need a planner like this to get organized and get quilts finished. Your cover is amazing. Would love to win this for my 40th birthday on the 18th. Thanks for the opportunity!


  6. I haven’t used a planner since … well let’s just say it’s been awhile. The project section just may become my favorite part of the planner: I often become so overwhelmed with all my projects and don’t even know where to start (sometimes I don’t!). Enter project planner to my rescue!


  7. Following you via Bloglovin’. Your planner cover is gorgeous! Love that you used the Art Theory panels – it’s a great way to enjoy it’s beauty every day! ktsquiltdreams (at)gmail. com


  8. Hi! The graph paper is brilliant, it’s always hard for me to find it for some reasons and I use it for sketching all the time!


  9. I just found out about your giveaway tonight as I am trolling the internet trying to find one of the planners since they are still sold out and the deadline is like right now. What I like most about the planner is that I can list all of the projects that I want to do and actually see what I have. I think I have 20 or more kits in my sewing room but would be at a lost to tell you what they were. My resolution this year was to complete as many projects as I can, and I desperately need to figure out what that means before I buy one of the new kits that have already caught my eye.


  10. This planner is an amazing concept for quilters. I’m new at hand sewing and I love how this planner lets me keep track of ideas and meeting for work, but also gives me an opportunity to put my ideas in one place when the idea spikes!


  11. I would add clear pockets to keep scraps!
    Thank you Kitty for a chance to win! I thought I posted be for but it didn’t show up!!


  12. What a fab idea and a beautiful cover! Do you have a pattern for the cover please? I love the inside pockets and the zip-pocket on the front!


  13. Plesae ignore the my last post – turns out I had an ad-blocker switched on on my laptop which is why the links to the pattern didn’t work! Doh!


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