Farmer’s Wife Sew Along: Getting Organized

As this crazy month of November winds down (already!?), I’m trying to get a bit organized with my sewing projects. I truly enjoy having a lot of projects going, and I’m excited about all of the different quilting adventures I’ve joined lately (mini mini quilt swaps, Sizzix Design Team, a small private swap, my first commissioned quilt, and the Farmer’s Wife Sew Along as an official blogger, among others I’m surely missing). But life happens, and when it does, it can certainly throw a wrench into best laid plans. Yesterday I decided it was time to reevaluate, make some lists, and wrap my head around a plan for creating with little stress.

First up is the 1930 Farmer’s Wife Sew Along, hosted by Angie at Gnome Angel and sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop and Marti Michell.  As you may remember, in planning my quilt, I literally planned to be behind and to skip a few blocks so that I could sew along without stressing about being behind. After a crazy month of travel, visitors, and sickness all around, I may have taken that “it’s ok to be behind” a bit too far.

1930 farmers wife sew along organization
Time to get serious!

Yesterday I plopped down on a quilt on our living room floor, pulled out my notebook, my Farmer’s Wife book, and my laptop directed to Angie’s block tutorials page, and made a list. Per my calculations, 21 blocks have been released and I’ve made 6. Oops. I guess I’m just a BIT behind. (Update while writing this post–another block was just released! Make that 22 blocks!)

1930 farmers wife sew along organizationI made myself a comprehensive list complete with a space to check off when a block has been released or made. I LOVE checking things off a list, so I am hoping this is just what I need to catch up a bit.  I also put post-its on the pages of blocks that have been released so that when I have a free minute, I can easily flip to one, grab some fabric, and dive in. My mind is much more at rest knowing that everything is written down and ready to check off.

Now, for the fun update! Here are the blocks I’ve created so far.

1930 farmers wife #8 aunt1930 farmers wife #14 betty1930 farmers wife #16 bonnie1930 farmers wife #20 caroline1930 farmers wife #49 katherine1930 farmers wife #94 susannahI’ve decided on a photographing style, organized my notes, made a checklist of released vs finished blocks, bookmarked pages with blocks I need to make, and am reenergized and ready to do some catching up!

I’m linking up with Lee’s Works in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. These “easy 6-inch blocks” (insert maniacal laugh) will be works in progress all year!

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12 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife Sew Along: Getting Organized”

  1. Love your organization! And your blocks are so crisp and nice. I did a similar re-evaluation the last 3 days to get a handle on blocks I’m behind on too. Onwards and upwards! My goal is to be even by Christmas.


  2. Checking things off a list, or crossing them off a list is one of my very favorite things to do, so I am a huge fan of your organization method here! Your photography is superb, as always, and I found myself admiring your precision in these tiny blocks. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have some wonderful time working with beautiful fabrics, too.


  3. Love your organization! I’ve been a bit overwhelmed and busy this month too, so crafty things have fallen on the wayside a bit (your mini mini will be in the mail soon, I promise!). I need to sit down like this and make a list of what I want/need to get done. I always work best with a plan and a list!


  4. I totally love a list. I always say, if I get it on paper, I can get it out of my head. Sometimes, my sisters and I will make lists, but if we do extra things, we will write them down and cross them off. Fair is fair, right?
    Love your choice of fabrics for the Farmer’s Wife blocks that you have completed!
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. For such a quilt along and even such a big quilt, I’m sure it is nice to have such useful way to orgazine your blocks…. oh, if I could only be so organized! I’ve not tackled anything this size yet, but it’s good to keep this in the back of my mind.

    It’s really fun to see such a modern version of such traditional blocks – your blocks look great so far!

    … and don’t be too hard on yourself about being behind. I remember when number two came along – I had so many ideas, but never the time to finish them, which lead to me being frustrated a lot. It was only when I started expecting to get very little accomplished, that I could rejoice when I got more done than I had expected… a little like under promise and over deliver! I know, perhaps a little silly to psych myself out like that, but it helped!


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