Modern Patchwork magazine nightquilter feature embroidery

Embroidery & Modern Quilting Feature

A while back I was contacted about the mini quilt I made for Andover Fabrics‘ booth at QuiltCon 2017, for which I used my Constant Flux pattern paired with Wild Boho-style applique and embroidery to make an Alison Glass fabric bonanza I entitled “The Bee’s Knees in Constant Flux”.  A bunch of interview questions and many months later, I’m excited to have gotten a copy of the fall Modern Patchwork magazine, and I’m honored to be featured among such talent!

Modern Patchwork magazine nightquilter feature embroideryThe article, written by Meg Cox, discusses the appeal of embroidery and hand stitching to modern quilters, and features many of my favorite makers–Alison Glass, Rebecca Ringquist, Nichole Vogelsinger, and Hannah Claire Somerville, all of whom have inspired me along my path to embroidery and its involvement in modern quilting.

modern patchwork magazine fall 2017I ordered my copy of the magazine through the Quilting Daily website, but I also have seen copies at my local big box bookstore (Books-a-Million) and Joann Fabric stores.

Do you subscribe to this magazine? I’d love to hear what you thought about the interview, and about embroidery’s role in modern quilting! I’m excited to incorporate embroidery and hand quilting into more of my future makes. Now I just need to figure out how to jump back on the “finish the project” bandwagon! ha!

Happy Monday!

7 thoughts on “Embroidery & Modern Quilting Feature”

  1. i just read that article last night. 🙂 i thought it was interesting, but i could read about embroidery all day long. especially if it is accompanied by such wonderful eye candy, like your mini quilt! i think it makes all the sense that modern quilters would adopt and adapt embroidery into their aesthetic, since its artistic possibilities are endless. and i love that some of my favorite fabric designers also design embroidery patterns. i just saw on facebook that tula pink has an embroidery book coming out! now i just need denyse schmidt and carolyn friedlander to come out with embroidery books and i would be in heaven!

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  2. Yes I subscribe and highlighted the heck out of this article! I have been folllowing your Instagram daily stitching (and asked you lots of questions), and was delighted to see this article. I’ve taken a few classes from Caroline friedlander and have learned so much from her (her 80 wt Aurifil appliqué thread is to die for). I wasn’t able to get into allison’s class at Quiltcon, but am inspired by what I’m seeing – the crossovers with embroidery using these wonderful designers’ fabrics. It’s very exciting when worlds collide.


  3. I loved the article and the way it connected embroidery with quilting. It was exciting to see someone I know have their work featured. Truthfully, quilting and embroidery have always been in tandem – think Crazy Quilts. I have to say when I saw your blog post – I ran out to buy the magazine. I loved the whole issue. But the highlight was your article.


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